Meet the Top 10 Most Beautiful Pakistani Cricketer Wife

Updated on: Aug 24, 2023 12:10 pm IST

Pakistani Players wife 2023

In a world where boundaries are set by cricket pitches, love stories unfold that transcend borders and cultures. Pakistani cricketers, known for their prowess on the field, have also made headlines for their romantic journeys. Here’s a sneak peek into the lives Pakistani players wife.

1. Hasan Ali wife – Shamia Arzoo

Love knows no boundaries, as proven by Hasan Ali and Shamia Arzoo. Hailing from Indian origin, Hasan Ali wife Shamia Arzoo holds a degree in Aeronautics and completed her education in England. Their paths crossed when Shamia worked as a Flight Engineer with Emirates Airlines. The couple exchanged vows in 2019, marking the union of cricket and love.

Hasan Ali Samia Arzoo Shamia Arzoo Hasan Ali wife

2. Haris Rauf wife – Muzna Masood Malik

Haris Rauf’s cricketing prowess found a match in Muzna Masood Malik‘s modeling finesse. The couple tied the knot in Islamabad on July 6, 2023. Haris Rauf wife Muzna Masood Malik is a fashion model, who holds a Mass Media degree from the International Islamic University and further pursued Fashion Designing. Their journey from the runway to the altar is a tale of shared aspirations.

muzna masood malike is wife of Haris rauf

who is the wife of Haris Rauf

3. Shadab Khan Wife – Malaika Saqlain

Stepping away from the limelight, Malaika Saqlain’s desire for privacy captured Shadab Khan‘s heart. Shadab Khan Wife Malaika Saqlain is the daughter of Saqlain Mushtaq. Malaika’s wish to keep her life away from the social media frenzy resonated with Shadab. This partnership is a testament to understanding and respect.

Shadab Khan with wife Malaika Saqlain


shadab khan wife Malaika Saqlain

4. Shan Masood wife – Nische Khan

The picturesque city of Peshawar witnessed the union of Shan Masood and Nische Khan. With their love story capturing the hearts of fans, the couple embarked on a journey of togetherness. Shan Masood wife Nische Khan reflect a blend of sport and charm. Shan Masood Wife

5. Imad Wasim wife – Sania Ashfaq

Imad Wasim wife Sania Ashfaq is a British Pakistani. Their bond solidified during a cricket match, eventually leading to a wedding at the iconic Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad in 2019.

Imad Wasim wife Sania Ashfaq

6.Shaheen Afridi wife – Ansha Shahid

Love transcends generations. Shaheen Afridi wife Ansha Shahid is the daughter of Shahid Afridi. Their grand wedding ceremony was a celebration of unity, symbolizing the merging of two cricketing legacies.

Shaheen Afridi wife

Shaheen Afridi wife Ansha Shahid

7. Babar Azam wife – Nadia

Babar Azam‘s journey from cricketing stardom to marital bliss intertwines with his cousin Nadia. Rumors of their impending marriage have been circulating, with fans eagerly awaiting the grand event that might follow Babar’s cricketing commitments.

8. Mohammad Rizwan wife – Naeema Begum

The tale of Mohammad Rizwan‘s marriage reads like a heartwarming family affair, as he tied the knot with his cousin Naeema Begum in 2015. Mohammad Rizwan wife Naeema Begum keeps a low profile. Their partnership resonates with familiarity and connection.

9. Sarfaraz Ahmed wife – Syeda Khusbat

Sarfaraz Ahmed wife Syeda Khusbat became the cricketer’s anchor for life as they exchanged vows in 2015. The enduring partnership between Sarfaraz Ahmed and Syeda Khusbat has been a constant amid the dynamic world of cricket.

Sarfaraz Ahmed wife Syeda Khusbaht

10. Mohammad Nawaz wife – Izdihaar

Adding a unique dimension to this tale of love, Mohammad Nawaz’s love story unfolded in South Africa. His union with Izdihaar in 2018 marked a celebration spanning continents. Mohammad Nawaz wife Izdihaar hails from Saudi Arabia chose South Africa as their wedding destination, solidifying their bond in the company of close relatives.

mohammad nawaz with wife Izdihaar

Mohammad Nawaz wife Izdihaar

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