Mitchell Johnson replies to Kohli’s ‘won’t start sledging’ statement

Updated on: Nov 17, 2018 10:38 am IST

  • The upcoming India versus Australia series is expected to be a high-voltage drama however Indian captain Virat Kohli made it clear that he won’t be starting an altercation. This statement by the Indian captain has garnered a lot of attention and now former Australia bowler Mitchell Johnson has responded to it on social media.


    Johnson responds to Kohli’s statement 

    The left-arm pacer expressed his views on Twitter. He said in a Tweet, ‘I look forward to no Virat send-offs’.

    The pacer made this tweet as a response to Fox Sports’ reportage on Virat Kohli’s press conference.

    This tweet by Johnson has rekindled the memories of the heated on-field exchanges between Johnson and Kohli in the past.

    In the 2014 tour of Australia, the now Team India skipper and Aussie cricketer were indulged in some heated banter especially during the third Test.

    Kohli scored a century in the Test and during his inning edged a few deliveries against the left-arm pacer. This frustrated the pacer and on one delivery when Kohli played the ball back to him, Johnson threw it back to the Indian batsman which ended up hitting Kohli.

    But the moment the ball hit Kohli, the pacer apologized to him and ensured that things didn’t escalate.


    Watch the duel between Kohli and Johnson here 


    Kohli clears that he won’t start the altercation but will surely respond if provoked 

    Johnson’s reply came to the statements Kohli made recently.

    In a press conference before heading to Australia the Indian captain stated that Indian team was never the one starting anything. So as long as it doesn’t start, they don’t have a problem in focussing on their game and just doing what they need to do.

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    But at the same time he made it clear that if Australia wants to play a certain way, India will reciprocate in that way. He feels that’s how the game of cricket works.



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