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Mithali’s manager calls Harmanpreet, ‘Manipulative, lying, immature’


The controversy over benching Mithali Raj for the semi-finals against Australia in the Women’s world T20 is not over yet as Mithali’s manager has added fuel to the fire by calling Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur a ‘manipulative, lying, immature, undeserving captain’. She has also accused the BCCI of choosing politics over sport.


Mithali’s manager tweets her feelings after the semi-finals

After India’s defeat against Australia in the semi-finals in the women’s world T20, Annisha Gupta,the manager of Mithali Raj posted several tweets on Twitter in which she made serious allegations on the Indian team management.

One of her tweets read,”Unfortunately @BCCIWomen believes in politics not sport. After witnessing what @M_Raj03 ‘s experience could do in IndvIre it’s shocking that they went with what pleases @ImHarmanpreet -a manipulative, lying, immature, undeserving captain.”

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While in an another tweet, she termed Harmanpreet as a ‘manipulative, lying, and cheat’.

The Twitter handle was later deleted however, when an online cricket portal contacted Gupta, she confirmed that the she had posted the tweets.


Treatment given to Mithali completely uncalled for: Gupta

Gupta said that she doesn’t know what is going on on the inside but, now that the matches are being telecast, we can see who is performing and who is not, She noted that we can see what kind of treatment Mithali has received despite her brilliant performance and despite showing stability and consistency.

She believes that the kind of treatment the senior Indian player has received is completely uncalled for and there is something deeper than we need to look at than just the statements that have been coming out.

You don’t drop senior-most player against England: Gupta

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She noted that there are statements coming out that they wanted to give younger cricketers a chance but she feels that you don’t drop your senior-most, most experienced players in a semi-final against a country like England. It goes beyond giving the youngsters a chance.



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