Mohammed Shami highest bowling speed: What is the fastest delivery bowled by Shami in International cricket? Take a look!

Updated on: Jan 21, 2023 8:38 pm IST

  • Mohammed Shami highest bowling speed

    Mohammed Shami highest bowling speed: Indian pacer Mohammad Shami broke into the national side in 2013 courtesy of his raw pace. He is known for his ability to bowl at high speeds and has been clocked as one of the fastest bowlers in the world.

    Shami’s highest recorded bowling speed is 153.3 kmph (95.25 mph), which he bowled during a match against Australia during the 2018 Border-Gavaskar Trophy at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. This speed is considered to be extremely fast and is among the top speeds recorded by a fast bowler in international cricket.

    Mohammed Shami highest bowling speed is 153.3 Kmph

    Shami’s speed is made even more impressive by the fact that he is able to maintain his accuracy and swing even at such high speeds. This makes him a formidable force on the field and a difficult bowler for opposing teams to face.

    Shami’s fast bowling also makes him a valuable asset to the Indian team in both red and white ball cricket. He is among those bowlers whose speed increased once the ball is pitched. The skiddy behavior in his bowling makes him a lethal prospect especially with the new ball.

    Shami has also been known to bowl a variety of deliveries, including the outswinger, inswinger, yorker and bouncer, making him a versatile bowler. He also uses his variations in pace, like slower balls to keep the batsmen guessing and makes it difficult for them to score runs. In Test cricket, he is able to bowl long spells without showing any signs of fatigue.

    Overall, Mohammed Shami’s highest bowling speed of 153.3 km/h (95.25 mph) is something he achieved in the hay days of his international career. With age and injury concerns, his speed has definitely trimmed down, but the Amroha born pacer is still consistently bowling around 140 and his lengths are getting better with experience.

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