“No shame if I fail after giving my all,” says Shikhar Dhawan

By Christopher Paul

No shame

During an interview on Thursday, Indian opener, Shikar Dhawan said that he felt “no shame” in his humiliating run during the England Test series. India lost that series with the score 4-1 in the host’s favor. Dhawan said he felt no shame in his performance as he had given it his best but unfortunately, his plans did not work out due to the harsh weather conditions.

The news surrounding the batsmen is that he might get the ax ahead of the home series against West Indies. Dhawan stated that he was unfazed about the decision and will accept whatever is decided. He stated that he believes performing well, irrespective of form always helps. He also added that whenever he plays, be it red-ball or white-ball cricket, he always utilizes all his knowledge about the game.

In England

Naturally, the question about his performance in England came up to which he said that he knows his performance was bad but he gave it all he had. He did his best but other players were better than him so he felt no shame in admitting it. Dhawan added that sometimes plans work and sometimes they don’t it all depends on the conditions.

Another question was about the upcoming final match between Bangladesh and India. Dhawan said that even though India has beaten them in the past and even in the Super Four, they will still pose a stiff challenge.

He compared Bangladesh to Pakistan by saying, Pakistan was a bigger team but only on paper. Bangladesh, on the other hand, has always played better cricket. Bangladesh has always been hard to beat, added Dhawan.

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In the Asia Cup

Till now Dhawan along with captain Rohit have provided India a ton of runs and their solid performance is why India has been unbeaten till now in the tournament. Another expected question was about the absence of Virat and the pressure it brought on the team and the senior players.

Dhawan said that it wasn’t like that, the team knows the responsibility they have in the absence of Virat. Dhawan added that even if Virat was around, Dhawan and captain Rohit would approach every match with the same plan and effort.

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