August 2, 2018
| On 11 months ago

Passion for Cricket was the Key to Cope up with Personal Issues, Shami

By Rajsi Swaroop

Recently concluded controversy with his wife Hasina was a major blow for Md. Shami but it was not that powerful to defocused him from cricket. He is once again playing for his nation which had become complicated and questionable. Shami is grateful to God and the dear ones that they backed him in his difficult phase when he was dealing with his personal life issues with his better half Hasina.

It is hard for Indian fans to see him playing for India but Shami has an excellent message for all those who are suffering from the crises of personal life, but they still want to make it a big one.

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It’s been a long time when I played for the national team because I was battling with my personal life issues and what made me even stronger is my love for cricket. I decided to do what I love the most, and it gave me my time back. I just wanted to keep doing my job, I was not assured of my come back after this all, but all I want is to keep doing it.

India’s highest wicket-taker with 15 wickets in the 2-1 series loss against South Africa said, life always comes up with ups and downs, whether in personal or professional experience. But when you play for your nation, then it is the biggest responsibility, and when you do your job with the ultimate result, then that is the best thing. I am quite happy with my work even with today.

When asked about how he enjoys Test matches, he said in Test matches; you’d get several chances to come back and take wickets because this format gives you time to fall and get back on the track. You can continuously think about your strategies and make them possible through your spells, and this is what I like in this format the most.

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