August 23, 2018
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People didn’t believe in us says Virat Kohli

By Christopher Paul

After their huge victory at Nottingham, Indian captain Virat Kohli said that even after the two back to back losses, the team never stopped believing.  Every player on the team knew that they needed to try harder and kept their belief in themselves alive. Post the two losses even the nation lost hope but the boys didn’t.

After the tremendous 203 run victory against the English in the third Test match, Kohli was proud of his boys. Proud that they tried harder and never gave up. He even praised the team on this.

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When asked about this very issue, Kohli responded by saying even after 0-2, the boys never lost faith in themselves. When they were 0-2, the country and the fans almost gave up, but the boys did not. That is the reason why the team is now 1-2. Kohli even said the boys didn’t listen to the outside, they just kept in mind what was said inside the changing room. “We believe we can win this series” was Kohli’s exact words.

This victory was very important for all the boys. It was like a complete Test win for us, said Kohli. Kohli even made a sweet remark about his wife, actress Anushka Sharma. He said that she was the one pushing him and keeping him positive. “I’d like to dedicate my innings to my wife who is here and keeps motivating me.” His exact words. So far Kohli has scored two centuries and 440 runs.

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While on the topic of the team and the players, Kohli said that there was no panic. We practiced and we played. The batsmen put the runs on the board then the bowlers did their job. Everyone did what they were supposed to do. Kohli also added how crucial the partnership of him and Ajinkya Rahane was. Kohli said that Rahane had a clear mindset and that’s what changed the complexion of the game.

When asked about the hosts, Kohli praised them by saying they had a quality attack and to be able to score against them one needed grit and determination. He also praised Rahane and Pujara by saying they had exactly that in first and second innings respectively.

On the topic of praising the hosts, Kohli also added that the partnership of Stokes and Buttler was a lesson in how to play Test cricket. They showed how one needs to adapt while playing and to the situation. Lastly, Kohli said they had to learn from the hosts to adapt individually at Southampton if they want to score 400 plus.

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