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Rahul Dravid reveals Big Reason for MS Dhoni’s CSK Success

Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid heaped much praise on veteran Indian cricketer MS Dhoni during his latest live webinar. Dravid, who has captained and has even played under Dhoni credited him for the immense success of the popular IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings.

Dhoni does not look at reams of data and statistics, says Rahul Dravid

Speaking at a webinar organized by the Great Lakes Institute of Management, former Indian captain Rahul Dravid praised MS Dhoni for his unmatchable leadership capabilities. He added that Dhoni is not someone who believes in a lot of statistics and data, unlike most of the modern-day skippers. He even credited Dhoni for the consistent performance of Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

“So, I mean, look, I know Dhoni quite well and I hope he hasn’t changed, but I know Dhoni is probably not one to look at reams of data and statistics,” said Dravid.

Dhoni is the reason behind CSK’s success, says Rahul Dravid

MS Dhoni rose into a leadership role when the top players of the Indian cricket team including Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid himself decided to skip the 2007 T20 World Cup under the opinion of the then captain Rahul Dravid, He took such a bold decision after the team’s dismal performance in the 2007 ODI over World Cup. This gave the opportunity for MS Dhoni to captain a young side which later went onto become the champions.

Ever since then, Dhoni has scaled unmatchable heights as both India and CSK skipper. In the 10 editions that they have been a part of the IPL, CSK has reached the play-off each and every time and has even won three titles as well.

Dravid, who has a long-standing association with India Cements (Owners of CSK), credited the management for trusting Dhoni and backing him whenever needed. He also added that the experience that India cements gained in running cricket teams at the junior levels helped them immensely in the overall shaping of the Chennai based franchise.

“If you look at the success CSK has had, they’ve got really good access to data and they’ve got really good access to people behind the scenes and they’ve run cricket teams at the junior level,” Dravid said.

“They understand talent and they’ve obviously got a good scouting process in place. But, what they also have is a captain who really understands instincts” Dravid added.

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