Rohit Sharma Brand: 10 popular brands endorsed by Rohit Sharma

Updated on: Nov 14, 2022 7:22 pm IST

  • Rohit Sharma Brand

    Rohit Sharma Brand: Indian skipper, Rohit Sharma is a huge name in Indian cricket. The Mumbai lad has risen from rags to riches with his hard work and phenomenal performances on the field. Owing to his high stature in the field of cricket, Rohit Sharma has famous brands lined up for him at his doorstep. Sharma has a colossal brand value of $25 million. He has 22 official brand contracts currently ongoing.

    Let’s have a look at the top 10 brands endorsed by Rohit Sharma.

    1. Adidas

    Global sports accessories brand, Adidas has teamed up with Rohit Sharma and made him a brand ambassador. The contract started way back in 2013 and is still ongoing. Recently, Adidas released a sustainable shoe and clothing line to support Rohit’s environment friendly initiative.

    2. Hublot

    Hublot brought Rohit Sharma on board in 2016. They signed him as their brand ambassador in India. As a result, he has access to their exclusive collection of premium watches.

    3. Aristocrat

    Aristocrat is a new line of travel bags from VIP Industries. They signed Rohit Sharma as the face of their brand in 2017. Rohit has appeared in multiple TV campaigns and events over the years.

    4. CEAT

    CEAT tyre manufacturer is the official bat sponsor of the Indian captain. In 2015, they signed a three-year contract with Rohit Sharma, which was later extended. Moreover, Rohit has been seen donning the CEAT sticker on his bat in cricket matches.

    5. Nissan

    Automobile company, Nissan, signed a contract with Rohit in 2016. Nissan also has a partnership with the ICC. Further, Rohit is a brand ambassador for Nissan in India.

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    6. OPPO

    OPPO, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, partnered with the Indian cricket team in 2017. Following that, the company signed Rohit as its official brand ambassador. He has done a few advertisements for the brand as well.

    7. Dream 11

    Cricket fantasy website, Dream 11 is among the official sponsors of the ICC. Dream 11 has roped in multiple Indian cricketers. Rohit Sharma is one of them. Furthermore, Rohit has appeared in a couple of creative TV ads.

    8. Noise

    Noise, an electronics manufacturer, signed a contract with Rohit in 2020. He is the face of the brand in India. They also launched a limited-edition smartwatch under his name. It was named “NoiseFit Fusion.” The watch was India’s first full-touch model.

    9. Highlander

    Clothing brand, Highlander, partnered with Rohit in 2019. The company launched an exclusive separate clothing line in collaboration with the skipper.

    10. Lay’s

    Lay’s is a global food brand best known for its instant chips. In 2013, they brought multiple Indian cricketers on board to launch their new six-flavor chips line.

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