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Rohit Sharma reveals only country where Team India don’t get any support from crowd

India is a country with huge population and Indians are spread out all around the world and that is one of the main reasons why Indian cricket team gets humongous support away from home as well.
If there is one country where India wouldn’t feel like home, then it is Bangladesh.

The cricket crazy country is very passionate about their game and the support and love they show towards their team is second to none. The Indian vice captain in Rohit Sharma in a recent chat with Tamim Iqbal said that India feels the pressure when playing in Bangladesh.

Only place where we don’t get any support- Rohit Sharma

One of the greatest openers of all time in the limited overs format in Rohit Sharma shared his experience of playing in Bangladesh and also went on to say that Bangladesh is a country that loves their game of cricket but also criticize their players at the same time if anything goes wrong.

Here’s what Rohit Sharma had to say about Bangladeshi fans to Tamim Iqbal

India and Bangladesh have passionate cricket fans, when we make mistakes, we are criticized from all corners. I know it is similar in Bangladesh, I know how passionate fans can get in Bangladesh, when we come to the ground to play the match, it is unbelievable, India is not used to playing without any crowd support, Bangladesh is the only place where we do not get any support

I was praying for you to get out- Tamim Iqbal

Bangladesh is one opponent which Rohit Sharma loves playing against. He thrashed Bangladesh with an impressive century in 2015 world cup quarter final followed by another century in the 2017 champions trophy semi final followed by another century in the 2019 world cup.
Rohit Sharma was handed a lifeline by Tamim Iqbal in the 2019 world cup when he dropped the in form Rohit Sharma early in his innings.

Here’s how Tamim Iqbal regretted after dropping the catch

I remember how people trolled me for that. I was just praying for you to get out somehow. But when you reached 40, I gave up as I knew what was about to happen

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