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Saurashtra Premier League 2019: Complete squad of all five teams

The Saurashtra Premier League will be played between May 14 and May 22 2019 and will include the top players from this region.

The tournament involves stalwarts like Cheteshwar Pujara and it will have live telecast on Star Sports and Hotstar.

The complete squads of all eight teams in Saurashtra Premier League 2019:

Sorath Lions:

Lions have a good bowling department and especially their spin artillery. The batting department has some promising names and it will be interesting to see how they fare.

Key players: Dharmendra Jadeja has come out of the shadows of Ravindra Jadeja and has made a name for himself in first-class cricket. He will be keen to replicate his success in T20s.

Sorath Lions squad: Dharmendra Jadeja A, Chirag Jani S, Chetan Sakariya K, Divyaraj Chauhan M, Tarang Gohel H, Aryandevsingh Jhala, Himalaya Barad R, Sagar Jogyani D, Kevin Jivrajani S, Deepraj Chudasama S, Pranav Kariya A, Dhavalraj Jadeja, Prabhu Sindhav, Bhavyesh Donga M, Vaibhav Sheth, Ankit Patel, Satyajeet Gohil

Gohilwad Gladiators:

Gladiators have done well in picking a squad that covers the batting as well as bowling. But the fact that that they lack the star players and this can hurt them especially during big moments.

Key Players: Kamlesh Makwana has a solid Ranji record with more than 200 wickets and hence he is the one to watch out for.

Gohilwad Gladiators squad: Kamlesh Makwana R, Kishan Parmar M, Hardik Rathod R, Vandit Jivrajani M, Chirag Sisodiya, Vihar Jadeja R, Krishnakant Pathak, Abhel Karetha M, Abrar Shaikh K, Sagar Dodia, Parswaraj Rana Y, Hetvik Kotak, Sagar Bhojani, Prashant Mandaviya, Bensiyon Songaonkar, Prashant Gohel, Parth Ankola A

Halar Heroes:

The Heroes do have a reliable squad and a versatile bowling attack that can become their asset. But they also need their batting unit to fire.

Key Players: Arpit Vasavada is a reliable batsmen and his left-arm spin can come handy too. His ability to perform with the ball and the bat makes him a crucial player for the franchise.

Halar Heroes squad: Arpit Vasavada V, Harvik Desai M, Vishvaraj Jadeja M, Vivek Agath V, Pranav Nandha P, Aezaz Kothariya A, Kunal Karamchandani S, Parth Chauhan R, Dev Dand N, Harsh Anghan D, Brijesh Lakadiya, Yash Parekh N, Pranav Savjani R, Kuldeep Sharma, Jyotir Purohit, Smit Desai, Devendra Poriya

Zalawad Royals:

The Royals have got the first thing right-bagging the biggest draw of the tournament, Pujara. Now all eyes will be following them to see how they fare in the T20 league. They have the batting mojo and credible bowlers at helm. Expect them to make an impact.

Key players: All the eyes will be on Cheteshwar Pujara and recently he has done well in white ball cricket. It will be interesting to see how to paces his innings in this tournament. Sheldon Jackson is too good a batsman to be ignored.

Zalawad Royals squad: Cheteshwar Pujara, Sheldon Jackson P, Prerak Mankad M, Samarth Vyas B, Jay Chauhan M, Sunil Yadav H, Devang Karamta D, Jyot Chhaya B, Kishan Kugasiya S, Mohsin Dodia A, Vishal Joshi, Harnish Trivedi, Tarang Chhatrola, Karan Patel K, Sachin Mevada R, Vipul Makwana, Prasham Rajdev, Aniruddh Chaturvedi

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Kutch Warriors:

The Warriors have got all their bases covered and hence pack a powerful punch in their squad. There is plenty of experience and this can make a difference for them.

Key Players: This is a no-brainer. Jaydev Unadkat has played plenty of T20 cricket and has bowled to some of the best batsmen in the world. His left-arm angle is a big asset and he can turn the game single-handedly.

Kutch Warriors squad: Jaydev Unadkat D, Agnivesh Ayashi C, Snell Patel S, Avi Barot A, Kuldeep Raval, Parth Bhut, Rajdeep Darbar D, Sahil Karathia, Pruthvipal Solanki I, Rahul Dave, Suresh Tamil, Amit Ranjan, Hitendra Jadeja, Harmesh Somaiya, Fenil Soni, Vaibhav Goswami H, Saurish Chakraborty

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