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Suryakumar Yadav describes Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma in one word


Surya Kumar Yadav is one of the most shining prospects of Indian cricket right now. The team, fans, and he himself expects greater things from him in the coming years. Despite showcasing outstanding performances in the IPL and domestic circuit, his entry into the international circuit took more time than expected. This had then raised questions in public about his relationship with the captain Kohli and others in the team management. To bring light on to all those things, he recently described his Indian captain Kohli, IPL captain Rohit and former Indian captain MS Dhoni in one word.

Surya Kumar describes Kohli and Dhoni

Just like every other Indian right now, Indian cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav is forced to stay behind the four walls of his house due to the ongoing pandemic situation in the country. To kill his time during this testing times, he did a Q&A session with his fans on Instagram. In it questions ranging from his personal lives to future ambitions were raised. Out of those, three significant questions were to describe the icons of Indian cricket, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in one word.

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Despite rumours of a dispute with Virat Kohli, Surya stood by his earlier statement itself and described Kohli as an ‘Inspiration’. This almost ends a fight between his fans, who believed them to be on a different track. In his debut match for India, Kohli sacrificed his number three position for him.

On the other hand, he described India’s world cup winning captain MS Dhoni as a ‘Legend’. Despite crossing paths in opposite teams in the IPL, Surya hasn’t still been able to play under the leadership of MS Dhoni.

Photo: SKY Instagram
Photo: SKY Instagram

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Mumbai Indians is a family says Surya

Being a prominent member of Mumbai Indians set-up overs the years, Surya holds a healthy relationship with his captain Rohit Sharma. On being asked to describe Rohit in one word, he responded with his nickname ‘Hitman’.

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On being asked to describe Mumbai Indians in one word, Surya responded that it is a family. This is not the first time any player of that franchise has expressed a family like feeling within the team. This also justifies the reason for their success over the years. He even added that winning the IPL trophy consecutively in 2021 and 2021 for MI is his favourite memory with the franchise so far.

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