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The reason why MS Dhoni took the ball after Leeds ODI will Surprise You!

By Christopher Paul

The image of MS Dhoni asking the umpires for the match ball after the end of the third ODI between India and England at Headingley sparked a lot of controversy for the Captain. The legendary wicketkeeper was put under the spotlight with rumours of a retirement coming up making the headlines.

The man himself denied those rumours and had this to say at a promotional event in Bandra. Since we will be playing the World Cup in England, we must know what we have to do to get the reverse swing going.” “The opposition is getting it, so we should also get it at some point or the other. That’s why I did that [took the ball from umpire].” He added.

The man who hit those winning runs at the 2011 World Cup Final explained further “After 50 overs, the ball is useless to the ICC, so I requested the umpire for the ball and gave it to our bowling coach and said we need to work on it so that we can get a bit of reverse swing going.”

This revealed that MS has his eyes set on the 2019 World Cup and wants to bring the trophy home for India. Wanting the team to be in better shape while facing their opponents better in England MS added: “That will help the fast bowlers get those wickets towards close or after the 40-over mark. That will help us restrict the opposition in the last 10 overs.”

Say what you want about the man’s methods, but you have to agree he is keen on making India win in 2019. We’ve had faith and hope in MS for all these years and he hasn’t let us down. We are sure he won’t next year. Having the ball MS can help the team improve their death bowling during the biggest stage of cricket next year.

Christopher Paul

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