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What makes Kohli a ‘legend’? This is what cricket veterans believe

By Christopher Paul

Virat Kohli, right now one of the most prominent names in the world of cricket, India’s top batsman and the team’s test captain and current skipper. After the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, Virat is the only batsman to have achieved this status in Indian cricket.

Naturally being so good at the game will draw praises and criticism from other payers and experts and cricket veterans Steve Waugh And Zaheer Abbas have also given their point of view about Virat Kohli.

The Australian legend Steve Waugh has watched Virat grow from being a part of the Indian Team to the batsman he is today. From the start, the legend had only praises of the current Test match captain.

“Kohli has got the game to survive anywhere, I think he’s got the best technique of anyone in world cricket … Kohli really is the premier batsman in world cricket. And he likes the big occasion. Like Lara and Tendulkar and (Viv) Richards and Javed  Miandad, and all the great batsmen, they want the big occasion and that brings out the best in their cricket.” Steve said in an Interview with

Waugh comparing Virat to Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, and JavedMiandad is all one needs to hear to know at what high regards Steve hold Virat as a batsman and as a cricketer.

The former Pakistani cricketer and legend of the game who was the first Asian to compete a 100 first class hundreds had something to say about Kohli too. “I have seen a lot of great Indian players and he is right up there. I don’t like comparing generations, because each era has its own demands, but Kohli is as good as anybody else,” Zaheer said.

“For me, a legend is one who dominates his own generation and Kohli is doing that with a degree of ease. That makes him already a legend,” Zaheer said about the Indian captain. After watching Virat’s outstanding performance at Edgbaston, Zaheer had this to say: “He showed that he can be good in English conditions and I am expecting good things from him”.

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