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India vs Australia: OUT or NOT? Tim Paine survives controversial, tight run out call – WATCH

When in Australia, DRS is always a topic of great discussion. Time in and time out, the umpires have made pretty ordinary decisions on and off the field in the ongoing India-Australia series as well as in the Big Bash. To add to that list, one bizarre incident happened on Day one of the Boxing Day Test match where Aussie captain Tim Paine managed to escape a close run out call, despite the DRS showing him to be out for the naked eye. This made many Indian viewers uncomfortable and many former cricketers have also started raising questions about the incident.

The Tim Paine run out- As it happened

Aussie captain Tim Paine got a major lifeline in the 55th over of the match, as he survived a controversial run-out. Young Aussie Cameron Green played one-off Ashwin’s delivery towards mid-off and pushed his nonstriker, Tim Paine, to take a single. Paine hesitated at the first sight but eventually decided to take the run. Mid-way through the run, Green sold his captain down the river forcing him to rush up to the striker's end. Paine ran as quickly as he could and ignited the fire to one of the most controversial decisions of this series. Keeper Pant collected the ball on time and uprooted the stumps. It was referred to the third umpire and was a close call. There was no significant proof of whether Tim managed to cross the line before Pant uprooted the stumps.

Bizarre DRS call saves Paine

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Despite there being no proof of Paine crossing the crease, the third umpire Paul Wilson decided to give the decision in favour of the batsman. This created a lot of criticism on social media regarding this issue. Many former players and Analysts of the game including Brad Hogg, Shane Warne, and Aakash Chopra were unhappy with the decision and they decided to show their disappointment through their Twitter accounts.

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