August 23, 2018
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Virat is like Tendulkar says Ravi Shastri

By Christopher Paul

As fans, we know Virat is very passionate about the game. He lives and breathes cricket but according to team coach Ravi Shastri, one can only compare him to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. In the ongoing Test match against England Virat has scored 440 runs with two centuries in three test matches. Virat, on the batting side, is responsible for India’s huge 203 run victory at Trent Bridge.

During an Interview with Sky Sports, Shastri spoke highly of Virat to Mike Atherton. Shastri said Kohli was very passionate about the game. He loved batting and doing hard yards. When it comes to work ethics, Virat is second to none. Shastri recalls no other cricketer except Sachin Tendulkar when it comes to comparing Virat to someone. Shastri said Virat’s preparation, planning, the presence of mind and visualizing the situation can only be compared to Sachin. These are all great qualities to have in a cricketer he added.

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Shastri also said that Virat will be starting with a clean slate for the fourth test match. The innings he has played will be forgotten. Virat will stay on guard as if he has zero runs in this series, Shastri explained.

Shastri had also very good words to say about the current fast bowling unit. He described them as “best by a mile”. He said that the two best fast bowlers in English conditions are Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

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Shastri said that due to a wrist injury, Bumrah and due to a back issue Bhuvneshwar wasn’t present in the ODI series. Due to their problems they weren’t there at the start of the Test series also.  We have Ishant and Shami and also Umesh, who is in reserves. They all bowl beautifully and can come into play anytime.

Lastly, Shastri also said why traveling abroad is important. He said the team can thrash any opposition on home soil. But coming outside and out of the comfort zone is a learning experience.

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