Want to win series but one Test at a time: Pujara

Updated on: Dec 3, 2018 6:58 pm IST

  • India batsman Cheteshwar Pujara has said that the Indian team wants to win every series they play but they will take one Test at a time. He is also confident that off-spinner R Ashwin will do well in the upcoming Test series against Australia.

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    Want to win each and every series: Pujara

    The Indian batsman said that they have been playing good cricket outside India now and this is a very good opportunity for the team to perform well. Pujara explained that being the number one Test team, they always look to win each and every series, and this is no different.

    He stated that the Indian team would like to perform well and start off well. He made it clear that they definitely want to win this series but they will take one Test at a time.

    Indian bowlers had a tough time in the practice game against Cricket Australia XI as they bowled for 152 overs and conceded plenty of runs. When asked about this and Indian bowlers getting tired ahead of the first Test, Pujara stated that conceding 500 runs in a warm-up game doesn’t mean anything. He noted that it wasn’t a Test match so they are not worried about it.

    The right hand batsman noted that the trainer and physio have been monitoring the workload so depending on that they thought it is best to take a break and train for the next two days and be fresh for the Test match.

    Dean Jones mocks Pujara for his claims 

    However former Aussie cricketer Dean Jones gave a cheeky response to Pujara’s claims about the practice match. In a tweet, he said that ‘Well it does to the Australian boys who scored those 500 . Just saying‘ while refering to Pujara’s statement that conceding 500 runs doesn’t mean anything.


    Ashwin has made adjustments, is confident now: Pujara 

    Pujara stated that he always says Ashwin is a clever bowler, he reads the batsmen really well and he thinks he has made a lot of changes.

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    He noted that Ashwin has also played some county cricket, enough cricket in England, which is obviously overseas, different conditions, not much help for spinners.

    So Pujara believes that when Ashwin plays in Australia, he knows what he has to do, he also has played a series in 2014-15, so he is very confident now and whatever adjustment he had to make, he has already done.

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