World Test Championship 2023: How can India Qualify for WTC Final?

Updated on: Aug 25, 2022 10:53 am IST

  • World Test Championship 2023 Final

    India are at the fourth position in the ICC World Test Championship Points Table. India’s most recent Test outing was against England, earlier in July, at the Edgbaston, in Birmingham. The Jasprit Bumrah-led side lost the game and eventually went on to miss 12 valuable points. Moreover, the side was docked two points for slow over-rate and slipped below their traditional rivals Pakistan, in the points table.

    ICC’s WTC Points System: 

      Points available per Match  Percentage of Points* 
    Win  12  100 
    Tie  6  50 
    Draw  4  33.33 
    Loss  0  0 

    However, India are still alive in the race for a spot in the final of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) 2023. Rohit Sharma’s men are yet to play their remaining six fixtures of the WTC cycle 2021-2023 and will have to win all of them, in order to qualify for the finals. The side is scheduled to play a two-match Test series against Bangladesh, away from home, and a four-match Test series against Australia at home. These derbies are prone to be played after the upcoming T20 World Cup in Australia.

    ICC’s WTC Points Table:

    Position  Team  Percentage %  Points 
    1  South Africa  71.43  60 
    2  Australia  70  84 
    3  Sri Lanka  53.33  64 
    4  India  52.08  75 
    5  Pakistan  51.85  56 
    6  West Indies  50  54 
    7  England  33.33  64 
    8  New Zealand  25.93  28 
    9  Bangladesh  13.33  16 

    If, however, India wins all of these six games, without any penalties, the side will attain 72 points and will lift their points percentage to 68.05 (147 out of 216 points). Although, India lies at the fourth spot, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, and unlikely Sri Lanka are the four teams that may bother India’s WTC dream. Presuming India, to finish with 68.05% WTC points, here’s how these other teams can end up below the points percentage of 68.05.

    South Africa

    Proteas men are currently on the England tour for a 3- match Test series, out of which, one is underway at the Lord’s, the same venue where the final of the WTC 2023 is supposed to be played. Apart from their England schedule, South Africa have two games vs West Indies (home), and three vs Australia (away).
    And to achieve the threshold percentage, South Africa will need to get a maximum of 62 points from their remaining 8 matches. If they lose both of their overseas series 1-2 and defeat West Indies 2-0, the side will finish on 60%. Whereas, if they win one of their overseas contests 2-1 and lose the other one 1-2 they will attain the percentage of 66.67, which will still keep them in the uncertainty of the qualification. Overall, the table toppers, at least for now, need either three defeats to settle down below India.

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    Australia have nine Tests left in the bag, among which, five are at home, two against West Indies, and three against South Africa while four games are away, in India.
    If Australia wins all five of their home fixtures and loses all four against India, the points percentage will fall to 63.16 and India will overcome them in the points table, if they win all of their six fixtures.
    However, if Australia wins 6 out of their 9 encounters, their percentage will hover around 68.48, making them a robust contestant for a spot in the finals.

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    The Babar Azam-led side is placed at the fifth spot, in the points table, with a points percentage of 51.85. An advantage of the side is, that they have five Tests, scheduled at home. The three against England and two against New Zealand.
    If they win all of their five contests, their percentage will settle up to 69.05. But, if they lose a single match out of these matches, their percentage will be 61.9%.

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka, after a 1-1 drawn series against Pakistan, moved to the number three position in the points table. Their current percentage is 53.33 and have only a two-match Test series against New Zealand, that too, away from home.
    If they win both the games against New Zealand, they will finish on 61.1%, still behind the bar. And if they draw the series 1-1, the percentage will drop to 52.78, keeping them away from a chance, anyway.
    England and New Zealand
    Talking about England, the maximum they can go up to is 51.52, if they win their remaining six Tests. While New Zealand can only go up to 48.72%.

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