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5 Dream 11 fantasy tips you must follow while making your teams during India vs New Zealand T20I series.


Dream 11 is one of the most unpredictable ways of playing a fantasy game particularly because of the unpredictable nature of the T20 game. For the India Vs New Zealand series, it is going to be even more unpredictable since we have just come off a world cup and the new season is underway so the teams don’t necessarily are going to be aware of what is going to work for them and they will be in the mood for a lot of experimentation. These are the following tips you should follow while making your dream 11 predictions for this series

  • Back batsmen

The pitches in India are not going to be like the pitches which we have seen in the UAE and they are going to be primarily flat tracks which will assist the batsmen. The ball will come on to the bat and it will be one of those series where the team that outscores the other will win. Bowlers will be struggling to find their rhythm here in anyway whatsoever and will be going the distance for sure.

  • Back bowlers with variations.

The bowlers who just bowl the ball straight even if on pace will go the distance here. The pitches are flat and it is bowlers who have variations that will make a difference most probably here. You will see a lot of shots mistimed on the slower balls which gets the ball going towards the fielders and they are caught on the boundaries. Not too many wickets are likely to fall but it is important to pick bowlers who pick wickets and not worry about economy rates.


  • Focus on captain

The captain is the key deciding factors about the kind of points you earn in these dream11 games and it is very important that the choice of captain and even vice-captain for that matter is done properly. The players which do well in the dream11 contests are the ones which select the right captain as the points of the captain get doubled which is a big factor over where the team will go. This is a huge factor in deciding the fate of your dream11 prediction here.

  • Mind over emotions.

It is really important to see things objectively and not just support a player just because he is your favorite player. It is important that the selection of players is done in a practical and insensitive way.  This is the way you can be more practical about your team selection and see which player is in form and which player has been able to perform in a particular form or conditions of cricket better. This is the time to let your emotions stay back and be neutral with your team selection. At the end of the day there is money to be won.

  • Back top order players

These are two teams which are very top heavy and when the pitches are flat, you expect the teams that are top heavy to score runs from the top order too. This is the reason why you would expect the likes of Martin Guptill and Rohit Sharma to be the most successful players here. Expect them to go out there and express themselves in this form of cricket rather than just hanging about there and with smaller boundaries, you could expect them to clear the fence more times than not.


With these tips, you are sure to win a lot of points in the dream11 game.


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