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3 Dream 11 Players who should be your captain during the India vs New Zealand T20I series.


The India Vs New Zealand T20 series is going to feature a set of two new captains who would be looking to make a mark on the international cricket. While it hasn’t been announced, the T20 reins are all but set to be handed to Rohit Sharma who is going to lead India to the upcoming world cup in Australia in 2022. This gives us a chance to have a look at the team under him. For NZ, the captain Williamson sits this series out.

The captain however in the dream11 prediction is a different concept. You don’t get points for the decisions he makes but the number of runs he gets of the wickets he takes. The captain sees his points doubled in the dream11 game when he performs. So, if a captain has scored 100 points, the number of points credited to you will be 200. This is how the captain is often the difference between a good dream 11 prediction and one which does not get you enough points. In the current series, we are going to go with the following three options.


  • Rohit Sharma


Rohit is certainly one of the best players in the world and one bad world cup doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it in him to play against the top teams. New Zealand is a team he has really performed well against and this is a player you can seriously trust at the top of the order. He is going to be a big factor right here as he takes the team to the next world cup. His great strength is his hitting against the fast bowlers which the New Zealand team has in plenty. He is perhaps one of the best players against the short ball and compulsively takes it on come what may. He also has a great ability to knock the balls in to the gaps particularly in the middle overs. He is great against spin and possesses the ability to play the longer innings. This is a player whom you would not want to bet against and is a prime candidate for captaincy. He could also take the innings deep and score fluently and manage the strike rate too which could be handy while calculating the points for Dream11


  • Trent Boult

Trent has been a nemesis for the Indian batsmen and has been one player the Indians would want to watch out for in the series. He is not playing the test series so you would expect him to go full tilt here and be a very impressive bowler. He can earn you a lot of points here if he goes well and score with every wicket he picks up. He is a good fielder too so watch out for those catches he often takes on the boundary line. Expect him to be the first name on the team sheet.

  • Ish Sodhi

He is often the most underrated cricketer in the modern-day scenario. He is one guy who always knows how to deliver. This is a person who knows how to create waves in the batting line up by keeping one end quiet and when you go after him, he has a trick up his sleeve to get you. He is perhaps the most difficult bowler to get away and often ends up picking up a lot of wickets so you should definitely consider him as an option for being captain right here in this game. He could be a big difference maker here.

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