IPL Song – Which is the most popular IPL Theme Song?

Published on: Feb 2, 2023 4:09 pm IST|Updated on: Feb 28, 2023 5:44 pm IST

IPL Song

IPL Song: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a highly celebrated and widely viewed cricket competition, attracting over 100 million spectators in 2021 alone. It brings together cricket enthusiasts from across the globe, who gather to witness their beloved players exhibit their love for the sport. The IPL is recognized not just for its thrilling T20 format or the participation of renowned cricketers, but also for its annual release of theme IPL Song.

IPL Song – Which is the most popular IPL Theme Song?

Every year, the IPL theme song sets the tone for the tournament and becomes an anthem for cricket lovers. The music and videos bring together the excitement, energy, and spirit of the game, making IPL a complete entertainment package for all fans. With the latest technology and creative minds working together, the IPL music continues to evolve and captivate audiences year after year.

1. IPL 2008: The inaugural season of IPL, which took place in 2008, featured a theme song titled “Cricket War” or “Cricket ka Dharmayudh,” composed by the legendary A.R Rahman. The song showcased Rahman’s unique style and musicality. The music video depicted the competition between the top players of that era.

2. IPL 2009: The IPL’s second season, held in 2009, did not have a designated theme song, but instead featured an advertisement jingle. The tagline for the IPL promotional song was “Divided by Nations, United by IPL,” as the tournament was held in South Africa that year. The slogan highlighted how players from different countries came together through IPL, truly showcasing the spirit of cricket.

3. IPL 2010: The third edition of IPL, held in 2010, featured two distinct theme songs. As the tournament returned to India, the main IPL theme was “Sare Jahan se Acha,” which showcased team captains standing in a packed stadium with the crowd singing along. The second song, the Extra Innings theme, was titled “Laut Aaya” and featured the stars of Extra Innings T20 dancing to the beat.

4. IPL 2016: In 2016, the IPL theme song was “Ek India Happywala,” composed by the talented Bollywood duo Salim-Sulaiman and performed by Raj Pandit. The song carried a meaningful message of “spread love not hate,” emphasizing the idea of bringing Indians together.

5. IPL 2018: The 2018 IPL’s theme song was titled “Yeh Khel hai Sher Jawano Ka” and showcased the top cricketers from around the world competing for the IPL trophy.

6. IPL 2019: The IPL theme song for 2019 was “Game Banayega Name,” which conveyed the message that no matter one’s fame, they must still perform their best.

7. IPL 2020: The 2020 IPL theme song was named “Ab Khel Bolega,” with a video that emphasized that only one’s performance would matter.

8. IPL 2021: The IPL song for 2021 was “India ka Apna Mantra,” featuring captains of all teams dancing to the rhythm. IPL songs have become an annual delight for cricket fans, and are widely popular in India.

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