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How To Make Your Winning 11 on Gamezy App


Cricket drives sentiments out of Indians in a process that only cricket can. During a significant match, people are stuck to their TV sets, laptops, or mobiles to follow the thrilling action unfold. Cricket is a burning point for debate, and everyone has their viewpoint on it. From a beverage stall to corporate departments, the fantasy cricket report is treated with the same passion, no surprise it unites people in a wonderful way.

Online fantasy cricket is an extraordinary thing that was forever going to be a favourite in a cricket-crazy nation like India. Hereabouts, you choose virtual players by using fantasy cricket suggestions and tricks to obtain your top possible fantasy cricket team. On the basis of the real player’s performance playing a particular match, your fantasy team will score points. Higher the points, the higher the rank, and the more the winnings. Observe fantasy cricket advice and tricks and fantasy cricket headlines to improve your possibilities of winning, learn Indian fantasy league rules, and pick a fantasy team for today Indian Fantasy League. Get Gamezy apk download and start playing your favourite sport.

How to Create Winning 11 on Gamezy Platform

To join the society of fantasy cricket, there are several fantasy cricket platforms doing circuits in the market. The platform or app that attains out when it becomes to giving smooth navigation, unique user experience, and assurance is the Gamezy App. Swift and uncomplicated registration allow you to get incited with the real action quickly. If you are seeming for the best fantasy cricket app, then Gamezy App is the place to be. This App offers you fantasy cricket suggestions and methods that help you make an awesome fantasy cricket team.

Below are a few fantasy cricket tips and tricks using which you can make a fantasy cricket team. Additionally, you will get a fair thought about how to play fantasy cricket or how to play the Gamezy fantasy league. You will get the Gamezy download link in this post. Just read till the end.

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How to Make Your Winning 11 on Gamezy App

As stated above, acquiring a fantasy cricket game or league is not as easy as a few of you might think. Surely, you can get small prizes by choosing a few in-form players and then depending on fate. Though, if you desire to win big then you necessitate to put in the endeavour and analyze the more delicate details to pick the team equally. It is all regarding choosing the perfect 11 players for that appropriate match who have the greatest chance of performing well and in turn boosting your points tally. Below are amazing fantasy cricket winning 11 points that you should surely use while creating your team.

Check Players’ Performance:

When choosing a player, don’t simply go for the big titles. Review the players’ current form; this will give you the right opinion as to how he/she might act. Merely running for the big name will only drive you away from the max of your credit points, perhaps giving zero in return.

Analyse Pitch and Weather Report:

Kindly don’t ignore the weather conditions and pitch, as they are important factors in determining how the game is going to pan out. Observe cricket headlines to notice fantasy cricket tips and comprehensive ideas about how to play the fantasy league on Gamezy. For example: If the pitch is dry, go for spinners. If the pitch is green, then you must go with swing bowlers and more sound batsmen. Additionally, if the weather is cloudy, the ball tends to move a lot, choosing quality seam bowlers in such a situation is ideal.

Picking Top Order Batsmen:

In the case of a short overs game, usually, the top-order batsmen play the most number of balls. Hereabouts, they are the people who are performing to give you maximum points. Therefore, choose the in-form top-order batsmen to improve your chances of ranking higher. Gamezy tips and tricks will help you create a powerful fantasy cricket team.

Picking the Right Captain and Vice-captain:

It is the most significant factor that will determine your fantasy team unique from your competitors is your team’s captain and vice-captain. The chosen captain receives 2x points while on the other hand, the vice-captain receives1.5x points. The fittest approach could be choosing the in-form all-rounder as your captain.

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One more important factor that determines how a match could move out is the all-important toss. Moreover, after the toss, you will have a schedule of approved players playing for the match. Therefore, you won’t miss out on points by choosing players who are not playing the given match.

Building Multiple Teams:

on Gamezy, you can create a height of 6 fantasy cricket teams. Choosing different combinations will only improve your possibilities of striking the right chord. Therefore, even if you fail with one team, you have to overcome that loss with the 5 other teams.

Be informed about the Newest Updates and Announcements about the Teams:

Regularly check out for the news/updates that are coming out about the team. Also, the variation in the management can modify the final playing 11. Have a compressed survey of the other important factors such as what the captains have to speak at the post-match presentations. They could give you ideas as to the playing 11 for the next match.

Choosing the Right Combination:

As you require to choose at least one player from all the levels, it is necessary to pick carefully. By prime-order batsmen, we do not suggest that they should be precise batsmen, it could be a player who strikes at the top. The perfect method is by choosing all-rounders who bat the top so that you get the most points thanks to their all-around performances. The identical goes for wicketkeepers, who are recognised for their batting techniques too and can get points through both batting and wicketkeeping.

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Producing last moment Alterations

You only have a short gap to make any last moment changes according to the toss hence it is very critical that you stick around to monitor the toss outcome. As early as the concluding XI is published by the teams, you can make the required changes, if needed, and leave the players you might have chosen but are not in the playing XI.

Check the Latest News About the Players Health:

Updates about players injuries are eminently valuable in leading you to choose the right playing XI. Thus, if there is a variation in the batting position of a player, you should be informed of it as the solution to winning huge is by picking the top order batsmen in your squad. 60% of members in your fantasy winning 11 should be preferably top-order batsmen.

Estimate the Cost Well:

There may be players who are valued more expensive than normal but don’t work to the criteria that are expected out of them. See the matches and you’ll see some youngsters who are performing at a stable level. Choose them as they can compensate you well and also provide a big balance to your team, improving chances of winning cash rewards.

Bonus Points:

Go for the players who are performing excellently in the field because they will help you to score additional points based on catches, stumpings and run-outs as well. A professional player like Jadeja may strike down the order in the batting line-up but he can affect a few catches or a run-out, adding more to your bonus points. 

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All of you now understands the importance of fantasy cricket and the fact that how it has grown as one of the most discussed things not just in India but the world over. A platform like Gamezy offers various fantasy games including cricket which is primarily an online game where you build a virtual team from a pool of cricketers and get points according to their performances in a match. Staying informed of a few simple tips and tricks is the core to winning games or the league. The online tips we shared above will help you learn how to resemble team preferences in the best possible way. The app also offers Gamezy referral code and along with it Gamezy promo code that one can use to get a free chance to play the game.