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How To Make Your Winning 11 on Fan2Play App


For the past few years, Online Fantasy Sports has been regarded off like nevermore before, particularly in India. In reality, across the last five years, fantasy gaming has seen a huge hike from two million users in June 2016 to 90-100 million in 2021. So has been the development of fantasy sports and their apps. If you notice, each day, there is a new fantasy app that rises up in the market and they proceed up with something different and something novel which makes them be outstanding from the rest and the previous fantasy apps.

 Fan2Play is one such app that has begun to increase in recent times. It was organised by the Fan2Play Games Pvt Ltd only in the year 2020 but it is accomplished with a concept and mission to reevaluate the field and the world of Fantasy Sports. This app has commenced doing things ‘outside the fisticuffs’ and is they are one of the best-expected fantasy platforms in India.

If you are resembling to engage in fantasy cricket online, you need to grab the tactical nous and know-how to foretell a team of winning 11 players who can win you the maximum points. Online Fantasy cricket isn’t regarding paying more, though about identifying precisely how particular players will play in a game and taking the best calls before the match begins.

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How to Make Winning 11 on Fan2Play App

As stated above, persuading a fantasy cricket game or league is not as easy as some might think. Certainly, you can get small prizes by choosing a few in-form players and then dropping it to fate. Yet, if you desire to win big then you require to put in the effort and interpret the more delicate details to select the team accordingly. It is all regarding selecting the absolute 11 players for that special match who have the greatest chance of performing well and in turn, developing your points tally. Underneath is some finest fantasy cricket winning 11 tips that you should surely use while creating your team.

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Compare Player Performance

The initial point you require to check is whether a player has remained in the form in the past games or not. You should not choose a player simply because he is a good player a few months back. Fresh doings and form matter here higher than a player’s professional experience, since your profits will depend on the performance in a one-off match. Though, if it is a league that you are choosing the squad for, then go for quality players as they are expected to deliver better in the long run.

Analyze Weather and Pitch Report

Examining weather & pitch reports is crucial data that many of the professional fantasy cricket members do not pay consideration to and hence end up not choosing the right fantasy XI. For case, if the pitch is behaving slow & dry and an afternoon game, you should choose more spinners in your squad preferably than a swing bowler. Likewise, if the pitch is like the example in Wankhede, strength hitters and swing bowlers should gain a position in your team. It is entirely regarding going with a proposal of “horses for courses”.

Keeping Top Order Batsmen

Picking proficient top-order batsmen is the sure-shot technique of winning big in fantasy cricket, notably in the T20s. Because they prepare to face the maximum number of balls, it is only expected to require them to score big runs and the way max squads are lined up these days, the first top three are the solid batsmen in the team. As an outcome, the possibility of them scoring big runs is much higher than normal.

Preferring Right Captain and Vice-Captain

The most neglected and the most important fantasy league cricket trick is to pick the right captain and vice-captain. These 2 choices can truly be the distinction between winning and losing the game or the league. The leader of each fantasy 11 receives 2x points and the vice-captain receives 1.5x points, therefore if you control to choose the two best players of the game as your captain and vice-captain, it will be quite challenging for your competitor to knock you from that position.

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Fantasy Cricket Tips for Match

When you choose a squad for a distinct match, you require to be enthusiastic in all ways. You require to be informed of all the updates and last-moment variations in the team to choose the right squad. Proceed into these latest fantasy cricket tips to assure that you win big.

Toss and Shaping Last-clock Changes

You just have a tiny phase to make any last-clock changes as per the toss hence it is very important that you stay tuned to learn the toss result. As quickly as the ultimate XI is cleared by the teams, you can perform the essential changes, if required, and release the players you might have decided but are not in the playing XI.

Generating Multiple Teams

One more case in the final fantasy cricket advice is that you should build versatile teams to improve the odds of winning more. Say if you fail one contest, you may end up acquiring big in another contest with a different squad. Because there is no lack of contests in the Fan2play fantasy cricket app, you can always go for the creation of multiple teams.

Newest Updates and Reports About the Squads

You must be aware of all the news that the squads are coming out with. Since a replacement of a coach has an influence on the playing XI of the squad, so be informed of these changes.

Keep an eye on the Latest News About the Players (Position, Injury, etc.)

Always check on updates about the Injuries of players as they are supremely valuable in leading you to choose the right playing XI. Furthermore, if there is a shift in the batting position of a player, you must be informed of it as the passkey to winning big is by keeping the top order batsmen in your squad. Nearly to 60% of players in your winning XI should be ideally top-order batsmen.

Picking the Right Combination of Players

Because you require to choose at least one player from all the categories, it is vital to choose correctly. By best-order batsmen, we do not imply that they have to be only batsmen, it could be any player who bats at the top. The excellent technique to go about it is by choosing all-rounders who bat in the top 4 in such a way that you get maximum points due to their all-around performances. The very same works for wicketkeepers, who are appreciated for their batting capabilities too and can retrieve points through both batting and wicketkeeping.

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FAQs Related to Fantasy Cricket Tips

How to Win Fantasy Cricket Games?

The most useful tips to win fantasy cricket matches are described here in detail. To remember, here are the best tips to play fantasy cricket:

  • Check players and check their earlier performances
  • Choose more top-order batsmen and pick captain and vice-captain wisely
  • Analyze weather, pitch report and toss to be able to obtain last-minute changes easily
  • Generate multiple teams to increase your winning chances

How to Earn Money in Fan2Play Fantasy Matches?

To make money in Gamezy’s fantasy cricket contests, you require to pick a match, choose a contest, and make your dream fantasy team. You can gain real money each day if your preferred team outperforms others in that match. Review these most useful tips before picking your players to maximize your winning chances.

How Many Teams Can Be Created in Fan2Play?

You can make multiple teams in the Contests on Fan2Play. This will assist you to maximize your odds of winning that particular Contest. You can secure from 2 to 3 squads for other smaller contests, depending on the limitations set on that particular contest.