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How to Make Your Winning 11 on My 11 Circle App


Fantasy cricket, fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi are skilful games that are famous amongst people in India. Hereabouts is a captivating occasion for all fantasy game enthusiasts to utilise their expertise in sports like fantasy cricket, football and kabaddi to win cash. Make your own squad and compete with other players. The highest-scoring squads win amazing cash prizes. One of the most reliable approaches to become a skilled player is to learn the rules, plans, and point system of the game. Therefore, pick your game and show your sports skills at My 11 Circle.

In India, cricket is the only game that is played in all corners of the country & unifies everyone. But there are times where you sense you want to be part of the game. You can do this by doing the My 11 circle app download on your phone. It is a fantasy sports platform that has replaced the cricketing experience right at your fingertips. This game of art provides you to play Fantasy Cricket League, where you practice your cricket experience to put a winning fantasy team together, handle the team, and win cash prizes daily. On My 11 Circle apk, you can also play Fantasy Cricket League with retired cricket star, Sourav Ganguly and also get a chance to meet him. So, do not wait for anything and get the most preferred Fantasy Cricket My circle 11 app & relish the sport completely and deliberately.

How to Create My 11 Circle Team – Best in All Formats

While building a team makes certain you pick every type of players such as Wicketkeeper, Bowler All-rounder and Batsman.

To make cash on My circle 11 apk, you have to think & make a team by working on it and you have to form your 11 player team in which you have to choose the players from both teams who are the greatest performers in that match.

You must pick Bowler, Batsman, Wicket-Keeper and All-Rounder, Captain, Voice-Captain in your squad and all of them will get points to choose from and you can only choose 7 players from a single team.

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Steps to Create My11Circle Team

  • First, do My Circle Login.
  • Now, choose the match you want to play.
  • After that, you will get to play many types of Contests like – Cash contests, Practice contests and Private Contests etc.
  • After that to see all the contests you desire to play and how much money you have to spend to participate, click to participate in it.
  • Now here you can know how much money you will get when you come to a rank and how many players and who have participated in it.
  • After that make your team by clicking on the Join button, for which you are awarded 100 points which you can pick from 1-4 Wicket Keeper, 1-6 Batsman, 1-6 All-Rounder, 1-6 Bowler and Click on Next.
  • After that select, the captain and vice-captain of your squad, keep in mind that the captain’s point becomes x 2 and the vice-captain x 1.5 therefore pick it intelligently.
  • Following that now join the contest and the contest fee is cut from your account after which you complete the method of participating in the match.
  • Make certain that you designate Captain and vice-Captain to the most important players to get double points on their performance.
  • Wholetime have an eye to the real matches to get information about the players and their performance.
  • Always choose trending players that are in the form.
  • Choose a substitute player to avoid loss.
  • Engage in tournaments where the cash prize is high.

These were some most useful tips through which you can build a better accomplishing team that can help you in driving a lot of cash. Now you can read below in detail how to make a Winning team on this app.

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How to Make your Winning 11 on My 11 Circle App

Desire to understand how you can create winning teams on My11Circle? Then you’re in the best place. Afterwards are important points that will help you create winning teams on My11Circle. Let’s get started.

Play Picked Matches

One of the greatest delusions fantasy players make is that they play all the events to try to earn more money. This is also if they have zero information about the matches, ending in them losing their money. You should withdraw from doing this if you want to earn money from fantasy sports.

Do Your Research

 Precise research is the first mark to winning. This game is all regarding knowledge and strategy. Make convinced you’ve done your preparation before building a team. Pick players based on their form, robustness, and versatility. Keep your sentiments at bay and think practically while forming your dream team.

Also, this is the most valuable and underrated thing in fantasy sports. Users may think that doing research is just a loss of time, but a little bit of research can make your team stand out in the flock. Some of the data you should assemble includes:

  • Stats about players’ recent performances.
  • How the pitch behaves.
  • Team information.
  • How teams perform batting chasing vs batting.
  • How the team members play at certain venues or versus certain teams.

This will help make you seem assured before the match.

Create Multiple Teams

Consequently, after you have done your research, you necessitate creating your team.

An important tip is that creating multiple teams increase your possibilities of winning. One must concentrate on all-rounders in their squads, as they will give you points for both bowling and batting and are a good option for captaincy options. Additionally, in limited-overs matches, you should choose bowlers who bowl in the powerplay and death overs, as the chances of getting wickets are high.

As per the new point system in My11Circle, 1-2 wickets can determine the winner of a match. Moreover, try to go with top-order batsmen in T20s as they will receive the chance to face most deliveries in the match.

With no doubt, constantly follow your senses while creating teams.

Measure your investment

Another big misconception that fantasy players make is that after they acquiring a match or two, they spend all their money in one match. If success doesn’t favour them, they waste all their money.

It’s normal for some players to be priced higher despite poor performance. If you’re choosing such players, your investment is expected to be higher than your income. Rather, focus on growing and talented players and create a balance. This improves your probability of winning.

You should spend an equal amount on each match. For instance, if you have a sum of Rs.10000 you should distribute it in 10 parts i.e. put Rs.1000 in every match. In this way, you can earn more in a long run in My 11 Circle.

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Don’t be scared to take risks!

Any user must not be afraid of taking risks. There are several people who play My 11 Circle, and most of them have about 8-9 of the identical players in their teams. This is unusually the case since the My11Circle’s resolution to change the deadline time. Practising a risk on one or two players can help you win large.

My Circle 11 shows you the selection portion of players and taking chance on some players work wonders. No team member will perform the same procedure in every match and this is where “Do Your Research” benefits you a lot.

Picking your captain and vice-captain

An enormous part of creating your team. After all, it can determine the difference between winning big or “going home”.

The captain of your squad obtains 2 times the points scored by him in the game and the vice-captain provides 1.5 times the score scored. Therefore it’s very crucial to choose players whom you think will top the performance charts of that match, backed by research and key perspicacity.

As it is necessary to create a strong team to earn the highest points, directly choosing the right captain and vice-captain can do miracles for your game. Hence, even if your team is not faring well, your captain and vice-captain can assist as trump cards and rake up the points for you.

Pick the Right Players

Particularly when it comes to ODIs and T20s, choosing the right batsmen is vital. Make certain you’re not destroying your game by selecting those that may never have a chance to bat. Reach for those in the front four batting positions for a good fantasy cricket strategy.

Then begins bowling – picking bowlers with low rates will not bring you many points. Look for wicket-taking bowlers, still though they’re the ones offering away more runs. One more crucial but often neglected point is choosing players who are going to be on the field. Neglect those who have been benched during the season. If you’re choosing a team with players who aren’t performing in the live game, you’re sure to fail. In the conclusion, strategizing is essential, but evenly necessary is enjoying the sport in its true sense. Do your preparation, plan, and get your daily dose of enthusiasm with fun-filled fantasy cricket at My11Circle.

This was a swift guide about the My 11 circle app. There are a number of people that have previously won the tournaments and got a lot of cash prizes.

Therefore you can also earn money by this application. Just proceed and download this application, create your team, and participate in the tournaments.

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