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| On Sep 2, 2021 1:49 PM IST

How to make your winning 11 on Dream 11 App


It’s no mystery that fantasy platforms have well and improved to a whole new level in the sporting industry. Teens from every nook and ridge of the country follow cricket. Among all the other fantasy games, it emerges that Cricket is the most famous one in India and the second-most successful in the UK, after football. Fantasy sport like Dream11 allows its users to make money online.

How to make your winning 11 on Dream 11 App

They enable people to deftly prophesy the results. Both experience and luck are required and the app itself provides you a great chance to be in control of the game.

Players can practice their insights and trust their abilities to take a game in the right direction. Fantasy sport like Dream 11 offers plenty of competitions and matches to pick from based on the kind of game you want to play. It further allows you to win cash prizes.

You have all the freedom to pick whomever you want onboard regarding different factors. The most important thing in this is your decision-making. It will have a vital influence on the game you decide your preferred players play.

If you are a cricket enthusiast, we are certain you have seen the Dream11 advertisements on TV with almost all major cricketers. If you are querying how to make winning 11 on the Dream 11 App and win money doing it, you have come to the precise place.

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How to Create your Winning 11 on Dream 11?

Dream11 demands a lot of recognition and important preparation to seize every match. So, hither are the tips to help you make your winning 11 and win more matches and earn more money.

  1. Choose your matches

The initial and principal thing while playing on the platform is how you select your matches. One of the most significant errors fantasy players make is that they try to be proactive in every sense.

It is not prudent to play more games to cash in on more money. It can only wreck your interest and development at the origin level. We have seen numerous players opting out of Dream11 after they lose their money.

Therefore, do not play games when you don’t know about them in the first place. You should neglect this if you want to earn money from fantasy sports.


  1. Study before picking a team

Steadiness and determination is the key to success. One requires to be stable enough to do a comprehensive analysis of everything. Just use your time to do some research and you can field a stronger side compared to others.

Be it teams, venue, the recent form of players – these portions could help you in picking the right team. The most valuable information you should assemble involves certain factors. In the beginning, you should be well aware of statistics about players’ recent performances.

Then, you should discover how the wicket behaves. For example, if it’s a grimy pitch, it is a heaven for the spinners. The pitch lets the ball grip well on the surface. It produces enough turn compared to other wickets.

So, spinners shine well on this surface and they are obliged to come through with flying colors. on the contrary, a green-top wicket is surely the best for fast bowlers. The additional cover of grass gives the seamers a cutting edge.

Do detailed research on these points:

  • Data about players’ recent performances
  • How the pitch works
  • Team information
  • How squads perform batting first vs chasing
  • How the players play at certain venues or versus certain teams

This is not only helpful in learning how the game works but also be confident before you get into a match.

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  1. Build An All-Rounder’s Team

After researching begins the segment where you have to make a team in Dream11. An essential point to winning is concentrating on making a team of all-rounders. This proffers you more points for both batting and bowling. Furthermore, these are marvelous options for captaincy as well. Moreover, you should pick powerplay and death overs bowlers in limited over matches. This is due to the chances of picking wickets is high.

  1. Don’t Spend All Your Money In Single Match

It’s not that simple to make money on fantasy stages because it needs both luck and skill. One of the main faults fantasy players make is they invest all their money in one game itself. They do this moment and repeat especially, after winning a game or two.

Though, if luck doesn’t flutter at you, you lose all your money. The division of money helps in overcoming risk and improves profit. You necessitate investing equal money in every game. It is where partition or distributing money comes into play in Dream11.

For case, if you have £200 or 2000 INR, you should break it into 10 or 20 parts. In this manner, you get 1000 or 2000 INR or £20 on each (depending on how you split). You can spend a small amount on every game. By doing so, you will obtain belief and can start earning money.

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  1. Take Chances

Taking a chance on one or two players can help you win big in Dream11.

Furthermore, Dream11 shows you the choice percentage of players. This assists you in recognizing and taking a risk on some players. This really works wonders for the most part. Yet, you have to note that no player will perform the same way in every match. This is where the suggestion of research comes in beneficial.

  1. Picking Your Captain And Vice-Captain Prudently

You need to be very cautious in picking the right captain and vice-captain because it plays a central role in creating your team. Players’ preference is the vital decision a fantasy player should make to ensure a victory.

Normally, people recognize the previous or recent forms of the players and pick them as captain or vice-captain for the current match. This strategy might not help you at all. One should work more on the skill positions of the players and not always on their recent form.

Once in a while, you will come crosswise a player who has scored the most runs would hardly be able to score any run in another fixture. Plus, most people ordinarily make famous names as captain or vice-captain. On different days, people making underrated players as captain or vice-captain may help the fantasy players cash in on.

The captain of your winning squad provides you twice the points scored by him or her. On the other hand, the vice-captain gives you 1.5 times the points scored. Apart from that, Dream11 is always there to help you out by displaying which players are people’s top priority for captaincy and vice-captaincy. Hence, it’s all up to you to go and create a strong team.


Hereabouts although I have bestowed my thoughts but don’t ignore that future is unpredictable. As you remember anything can befall during the match and even the best players may become graver. Therefore, it is your ultimate decision to choose them or not. I just administered some policies which may decrease the risk of losing the contest. Try those tips and win real cash.

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