How to play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket game and Win Money Daily

Updated on: Jun 11, 2020 4:33 pm IST

How to play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket game and Win Money Daily

The craze for Cricket in India is next to none. Fantasy Cricket Apps have taken the craze to another level and learning How to play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket game and Win Money Daily will for sure if you have not already. You don’t have to be expert at fantasy cricket to play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket game. It is fairly simple and there are always Dream11 Match Prediction tips to help you beat the competitors.

In this online game, you have to select eleven players out of the two sides playing. You are scored on the basis of the performance of these players. At the end of the match, the points are summed up and the performance of your selected player is compared to that of other fantasy users in the contest. And if your players perform better than others, you win money!

How to Play Dream11 and Win Cash Daily

1. Join a contest. For the first time, you can join contests with no money involved to get a feel of how Dream11 works. After getting familiar, you can check out various contests on offer and the amount you want to play with

2. Select a cricket match you to play on. See which game you are most aware of before making a move to making Fantasy XI team. Remember it’s only with knowledge, you can apply skill and make informed decisions.

Win Dream11 Cricket

3. Pick XI players. You are given a budget of 100 credits to make your Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Team. Go to ‘Create Team’. Next pick at least 1 wicket-keeper and up to four, between 3 to 5 batsmen, 1 to 3 all-rounders and 3 to 5 bowlers. Take into consideration player skills, game conditions, players’ involvement to make a perfect XI

Play Dream11 Cricket

4. Select your team’s and Captain and Vice-Captain. The captain of the team gives twice the points while vice-captain will give you one and a half times the points. This is again a make or break decision. Choose the two players who are most likely to perform better than others.

Win Dream11 Fantasy Cricket

5. Join with more teams in multiple entry or Grand League contests. You can make up to 11 teams to participate in a match. Joining with multiple contests with the teams and different combinations gives you a better shot at Winning Money with Fantasy Cricket. 

Play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket

How to win dream11 fantasy cricket

Dream11 has brought a revolution in the cricket-crazy nation. In this section, we will get an idea of how to win dream11 fantasy cricket. Of course, there is no one formula but it is making the most of your skill and making informed decisions. So, what are these informed decisions?

How to Play Dream11 Baseball


Dream11 Tips and Tricks | Small League & Grand League Tips for Fantasy Cricket

Small League are the contests with less than 10 members and are just a single entry contest. To beat the competition in Dream11 Small League Contest, you have to field your best side.

Analyse the player records, venue stats, conditions and all the parameters that can affect the outcome of the game to finalise your Fantasy Cricket XI. For all the assistance on Dream11 Today Match Prediction, you can take a look at our dedicated Cricket sections wherein we share Dream11 Tips and Tricks.

Grand League Dream11 contests are the ones where you can make upto 11 different combinations to maximize your chance to win the contest. So, now you can try different combos with your top players to outwit the competition, also taking a chance on wildcards in a few teams.

It is still very much the same contest but offers you more options to choose players, captain, vice-captain and scenarios where the result goes exact opposite to the way it is expected.

Most common mistakes in Dream11 Cricket 

Unbalanced Team: We often make a batting-heavy fantasy cricket team. Cricket can be a batsman’s game but Fantasy cricket is definitely not. Balance is very important. See all-rounders and bowlers are match-winners!

Wrong choice of Captain and Vice-Captain: You can’t just gamble and choose random captain or vice-captain. If these two fail, the chances of your win fall below 50%.

Not following the game: Scoreboard and stats tell a lot but not the complete thing. Info is great but still, you have to back your instincts. Get involved, follow the game. Watch them closely

Ignoring conditions: Respect the conditions and make selections best-suited for the conditions. Go with more batsmen when it is a batting paradise, more fast-bowlers when pacy and spinners when it is a rank-turner.

Keep these Dream11 Tips in mind and it will certainly better your chances of winning Dream11 Fantasy Cricket.

5 Rules Experts Follow to Win Dream11 Cricket

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