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FIFA WC 2018: Know Which Croatian Refused to Accept the Silver Medal


The memories of one of the biggest final are still stuck in our minds where France clinched the title of the FIFA WC 2018, Russia by 4-2 and Croatia had to settle as the runner-ups and received the silver medal. Several players didn’t want to accept the reality of missing the world championship like this but there is a Croatian player who decides not to receive even the silver medal, and the reason was his non- availability. Here we are talking about Nikola Kalinic, remember the controversy that happened in Croatian locker room, when Kalinic was told to go on the field as a substitute, but he refused it due to his injury which was not ethical according to the coach Dalic. He was later kicked out of the squad and sent to Croatia back.

After coming back as the runner-up the team and the coach decide to gave Kalinic a silver medal too, but he said he don’t deserve to have a silver medal because he hadn’t played a single match in Russia. He said he did nothing to take his team to the final so he doesn’t deserve to get one silver medal.

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After 30-year-old striker Nikola Kalinic sent back home Croatia were left with only one striker Mario Mandzukic, who scored a goal in the final and scored six goals in the world cup campaign.


Kalinic refused to come as a substitute against Nigeria then he was sent back immediately by the coach. Kalinic came back and took some time to start his training with Milan which is also not decided yet due to his transfer.

Kalinic felt terrible after his exclusion from the squad, but he decided not receive the silver medal to be the part of the runner-up team he said, Thanks for the medals, but I did not play in Russia.”

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