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FIFA World Cup 2018: Pitch Invaders of Final match get 15-day jail term

A Russian court in Moscow sentenced 15 days jail to the four-pitch invaders who invaded the pitch of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Final match between France vs Croatia at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.

The court strictly sentenced the group with 15 days jail and three years of the ban from all the sporting events which are planned to be host by Russia.

Those four invaders are identified as Veronika Nikulshina, Olga Pakhtusova, Olga Kurachyova and Pyotr Verzilov in which Pyotr Verzilov is the only male. They all dressed up like Russian police and ran towards the ground at the 53rd minute of the game; referee stopped the play at that time and called the guards to stop them. Guards took some time to understand that they were not policemen but invaders in their dress.

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They were the members of Russian punk band, “It is a pity that we disrupted the sportsmen; FIFA is involved in unjust games, sadly. FIFA has a good relation with heads of states who carry out repression, who violate human rights.” Kurachyova told reporters on Monday.

They almost caught the players and shared a high five with them. Croatian Dejan Lovren pushed one person to the ground who was coming towards him while French striker Kylian Mbappe shared the top five with the lady coming towards him. At that time Croatia was trailing by 1-2 from France.


Eight years ago in 2010 World cup final match of the Netherlands vs Spain in Johannesburg, one man tried to invade the pitch wearing the anti-Racist T-shirt, and he came near to the Jules Rimet trophy which was getting displayed on the ground.

This was not the first tie when fans invaded the pitch of the live matches it happened in football countless times but nothing serious happened still the host nations should take care of these incidents.

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