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FIFA World Cup 2018: See what is making Twitter go mad over #COLvJPN

The time when Japan outclassed Columbia by 2-1 in the FIFA World Cup 2018 the twitter gone mad over it. How can an Asian team beat the South American team? There are lots of questions asked by the fans over the results. Some were shocked and some were fantasized about the result. Now the scenario of group H is a bit dice, No one can completely predict the standings as Japan became a game changer of the season. Social media is playing a vital role by reacting on it. So let’s watch out the interesting tweets of their clash and hope that Colombian team will not read this one.

This how people reacted on the match played between Columbia and Japan. people have shown their respect towards Japan especially Asian countries who didn't qualify in the tournament. mostly Asian fans hailed Japan for keeping the hopes up and making the record of beating South American giant for the first time in history.

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