| On Updated : Jun 19, 2018 7:10 PM IST

FIFA World Cup 2018: Twitter goes insane over last-minute goal by Harry Kane

It was England vs Tunisia, in short, another big country vs underdog. As if now in FIFA World Cup 2018, no big nations have grabbed a thumping win on their name and once again the stat is going to carry itself after 35th-minute penalty goal by Tunisian Midfielder Ferjani Sassi. The first half and the second half gone 1-1, but later on, at the 91st minute of the game Trippier taken the corner and Harry made his appearance just after the Tunisia defenders to create some space, well that space brings a goal for the Englishmen and it came up with an ideally placed header on the left corner of the goal post.

So here are some interesting tweets by English fans reacted on Twitter over their star Harry Kane’s scintillating performance where he scored a nail bitting goal to win over Tunisia.

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