FIFA World Cup: All Work, No Pay For Indian Labors In Qatar!

Updated on: Jul 24, 2018 12:46 pm IST

Once again FIFA is under the scanner for their decision of giving hosting rights to Qatar for 2022, and the allegation is about the violation of human rights as well as the labour rights. If we take the situation and figure of Indian labours in Qatar, then you will see the dark side of the biggest event. 600 Indian workers are working for the infrastructure of Qatar to prepare them for 2022 FIFA World Cup, hadn’t got paid for their 8 or 10 years of sweat, and they even got denial to take weekly off or any leave.

Indian Foreign ministry is working day in day out to save Indian workforce from the inhuman work culture, and they brought back 300 labours to India. now those people have no clue about their backlog.

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“We are left to the mercy of people who helped us on a charitable basis for food and living. We do not even have electricity, but about manage to get generators running in the night,’’ said Labor S. Kumar, Kerala. He worked for a firm for about eight years, and he didn’t get his six months’ pay.

A labourer who worked as a Plumber for the company for nine years, said we have no option but to wait for our payouts. “I cannot even go to a hospital for fear of getting caught as my visa has been expired. I had to borrow money from my friends to arrange for my flight back home. I feel hopeless. I pawned my property to come here two years ago. This is what life has given me here,’’ said another victim of the inhuman work culture.

“The government should take steps to address the issue immediately. These are poor people who have no other means to survive. I have visited these camps where they stay, and it is a sad sight,” said social activists Reema George.
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