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What happened in Russia after the world Cup eve?

By Rajsi Swaroop

What else to see a team who became the World cup champion after 20 years in Russia. Their way of playing later their way of celebration steals the show. French men know how to celebrate the title, and they took it to the press conference!

Not a usual press conference

French Coach Didier Deschamps took the initiative for addressing the press on their final finish at the FIFA World Cup, but the players invaded the press conference and started celebrating by dancing and throwing champagne over the media. Deschamps left with no choice, and he had kept quiet while players were celebrating the cup.

Deschamps became the third person in the world to win the world cup as a player and as a coach.

Closing ceremony: Will Smith brings the curtain down

Hollywood star Will Smith performed on the official song “Live it up” to bring down the curtain and signify the official sign for the closing of the event. Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi joined him at the stage. They all got featured in the “Live it up” single. In the final programme of the closing ceremony the Russian singer Aida Garifullina sung a Russian Opera and a Russian folk song “Kalinka” she was joined by the Brazillian Football star and a world cup winner champ Ronaldinho who played the African drum. In the end, the closing ceremony ended with a message to wait for another four years which is not easy for the fans. Some fans shared on the social media sites, “There is nothing more to life if you have FIFA World Cup Fixtures, results and players to discuss, Already missing FIFA how will I live without FIFA.”


Fans are already missing the event where they witnessed 12 own goals and 182 penalties which is a record and with VAR the world cup become so much more exciting than ever.

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