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Know How Barack Obama Gets Inspired from France Football Team!

France beat Croatia and won the world cup for the second time in history, but this one is an exceptional trophy for France and the Former US President Barrack Obama. Like the opinions of others, Former US President also likes the theory of French football. It is “Diversity”.  This year the French team has players who are Francophone African-origin, and they all played together to win the world cup for France. Obama took the philosophy of Diversity and gave a speech on the 100th Birth anniversary of Post-apartheid President Nelson Mandela. Obama said, “Embracing diversity delivers practical benefits since it ensures that society can draw upon the energy and skills of all… people. And if you doubt that, ask the French football team that just won the World Cup because not all these folks look like Gauls to me, they are French, and they are French.”

Obama was on his first visit to Africa after leaving the white house in January 2017. He attended the 100th birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela on 18 July.

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In the 23-man squad, the French team has 14 players from African origin adding the stars like Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe.

French coach Didier Deschamps described his feeling for the diversity they have in the French squad, “It has always been the case with us that the French team has always had players from Africa and other countries and territories, and not just in football but in other sports. They are all French, and they are all proud to be French, but through their origins, through their childhood, they have friends, they have families in these countries, so they have a certain attachment to these countries and a certain pride that these people will see them play in a World Cup Final.”

Obama also runs a Non-profit organisation “The Obama Foundation” which aims to help the ambitious Africans world-wide programs. He wants to give people the same advice to believe in the diversity to achieve greater heights as the French team did in the world cup.

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