| On Jul 19, 2018 5:16 PM IST

These players might call it a day before 2022 FIFA World Cup


FIFA World Cup 2018 gave us a young player like Kylian Mbappe, but it also took several great players from us. There are high expectations that some exceptional talent without whom we can’t imagine football will not be a part of 2022 World Cup, Qatar. Whether due to getting old or form issues they will not get the call from the national camp or they could have take retirement before 2022. So let’s see who we would miss during the next edition of once in a four-year tournament.

Tim Cahill, Forward, Australia: 38 years old

Image Credit: @FIFA

Tim Cahil is not a part of the team who has a star-studded locker room, but he is a diamond of the Australian mine. He wasn’t able to show his starry skills to the world in this world cup may be due to his age, he already 38 and it is impossible for him to play like a 19-year-old in the tournament. Due to the age factor, he most probably will take retirement from the game, and we might miss him in 2022.

Andres Iniesta, Mid Fielder, Spain: 34 years old

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The midfield legend will be missed from Spain’s 2022 squad. He will be 38 in 2022, and he may feel faded in the colourful tournament. Iniesta himself confirmed his retirement from his international career before 2018 world cup now he is seeing himself playing for Japanese club Vissel Kobe. “I’m leaving because my body’s asking me to leave. When my body told me I could not give more, I understood: I have to get out of it. I have squeezed out every drop, and there’s nothing left.” He felt peaceful in his career after winning 2010 world cup for his nation which every player want to, and now there is no page left to turn or no milestone to reach for him.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Forward, Portugal: 33 years old

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It may be a shock to you but Portugal’s talismanic star will also the one who will miss the 2022 world cup due to age factor. He is already 33, and till 2022 he will be 37 which is once at par, but you never know Ronaldo? He may be the one who played at the age of 37 and wins it for Portugal to die peacefully or on the hand, he may stick with the general theory to give the opportunity to the young talent of Portugal.

Vincent Kompany, Defender, Belgium: 32 years old

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Watching him in this world was a surprise for us as his form his catching age. He is not entirely unfit, but still, he was unable to sustain in the premier league’s most of the matches due to his recent form. He only played 41 games for Manchester City in past three seasons. We might miss him from the 2022 world cup and be watching a young talent defending Belgium in 2022.

Luka Modric, Mid Fielder, Croatia: 32 years old

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Oh, he missed it this time! And there may be no next time for him to win the World Cup for Croatia. In the next edition, he will turn 37 which may cause for him whether to take retirement or give his place to the Croatian prodigy. He awarded as the golden ball for his exceptional skills in the tournament but at some times during extra time his legs looked tied, and that may happen due to his age, so it is perfect timing for Modric to take retirement at the peak of his career.

Lionel Messi, Forward, Argentina: 31 years old

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It is sometimes impossible to see any other player playing on the field when he is dribbling the ball and showing his class, but the class also get outclassed when age is catching up. Messi himself gave some signs to take retirement before 2022. He said before 2018 world cup that this might be his last world cup. In 2022 he will turn 35 which is an age to be a misfit in the World cup squad.


Mesut Ozil, Mid Fielder, Germany: 29 years old

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He is a great player, but in this World Cup, we all have seen a shambolic World cup exit of the defending champions. Former world cup winner captain Lothar Matthaus has also seen pointing on him for the major loss even the president of German football association, Reinhard Grindel criticised him too so Ozil may decide to take retirement and quit international football.