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Belgium vs Panama FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Report

The golden generation of Belgium finally delivers at the biggest stage and they would want to contiinue on their great run in their upcoming games in the World Cup. With an unbeaten streak for over two years, Belgium was destined to win this game and with the popular names like Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne and a few more they looked like a team that would tear apart a team like Panama.

Panama made their first appearance in the World cup and it was a very emotional journey for everyone as the captain of Panama caught on camera getting so emotional that tear rolled down his eyes as his nation's National Anthem started rolling inthe ground. The game started at Fisht Stadium and both the teams tried to create an early impact but with a charade of mispasses throughout the ground the debutants seemed to have struggling for a rhythm in the game forgetting the fact that they are up against a team that punishes theirĀ  opponent with every mistake.

With every mispass, every possession lost Belgium started pulling themselves back the stardom of their team and when the names includes of some of the best in business it was only a matter of time that the Belgians would soon take charge of the game. The Panamese tried their best to hold off Belgian attacks after attacks and in the process picked up two yellow cards in the name of Edgar Yoel Barcenas in the added time of the first half and the first one in the 18th minute in Erick Davis' name. The newcomers were glad that didn't concede in the first half but all things were about to change in the next half of the game they didn't know.

In less than three minutes in the second half, Dries Mertens found the back of the net in style by scoring a terrific volley over the goalkeeper to find the far end of the goal post. As soon as the first goal was scored the debutants got ruthless on the ground physically and committed three fouls in the next 10 minutes. The Belgians also joined the action with Vertonghen picking up the yellowcard in the 59th minute.

The Belgians planned their revenge with the ball and not with physicality. After a couple of Panama changes Belgian Nunmber 9 struck the second blow in the 69th minute. Romelu Lukaku's headers to a De Bruyne's beautiful assist once again reached the Panamese net. Seeing the goal margin reaching sky for them the third and final change of Panama happened in the73rd minute but that wasn't enough either. In the 75th minute, once again from a brilliant Eden Hazard assist Romelu Lukaku scores his second goal of the game with an easy loft over the onrushing goalkeeper. It was testing time for the Belgians as they made their changes after the goal trying to kill out as much time as possible and ending the game to a 3-0 win for them as they start off their dream campaign.

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