Cristiano Ronaldo leaves interview over a question!

Updated on: Jul 31, 2018 4:59 pm IST

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese talismanic star Cristiano Ronaldo is alleged to walk out of the TV interview over a question. Ronaldo was on his promotional tour, and he was asked to give his time to a musician and host Gao Xiaosong of China. He was expected to come an hour before, but he arrived late. The interview started with the questions on his tour and his game, she asked about leaving Real Madrid and joining Juventus, he was calmed at that time, but the question about his retirement annoyed him. Ronaldo confronted the question by saying he is still very much at the peak of his career and he asked his assistant: “Can we end this soon?” He spent only 14 minutes on the sets, and after that, he and his team walked away. Gao wanted to ask some more question, but his squad declined for the interview and left.

The crew members were not happy to see this because still 45 minutes were left for the interview and the star striker left without his words. It was a strange feeling for both the sides, but the host later tweeted, “We had submitted all our questions to Ronaldo’s team in advance, and they didn’t say anything. We were all starving but didn’t complain- big stars are very busy.”

Cristiano Ronaldo on the sets

Image Credit: @Twitter

Ronaldo is now ready to play for Juventus, and he arrived for his first training session as a Juventus player on Monday.

The 33-year old star landed in his private Jet in Turin with his family. He is ready to take part in his first training session where Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain, Juan Cuadrado, Douglas Costa and Rodrigo Bentancur were expected to take part with him in his debut training session. Fans are waiting for him to play for Juventus and the stadium is supposed to be filled with people.

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