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| On Updated : Jul 5, 2018 1:51 AM IST

Is Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid?

There have been many speculations regarding the 33 year old Portuguese ace leaving Real Madrid CF this summer for Turin. After the UEFA Champions League final, Ronaldo told the press that his future concerns him and he needs to think about it. It has also been reported by Spanish media that the reason behind Cristiano asking to leave Reak Madrid sparked first when Spanish authorities accused Ronaldo of Tax Evasing and it was dealt with a 14.4 million pounds fine and 2 years in prison.

However, the charges were met with the fine demanded but Ronaldo had been warned for the last time by the Spanish authorities. This led to a disagreement between the star and his club and according to Ronaldo, Real Madrid CF could have done more to back him in his feud against the Spanish authorities. The spark grew stronger when Ronaldo asked for an improved deal which was denied by the Real Madrid management as they had recently renewed his contract.

If the star man of Portugal is believed then he also expressed that despite his contributions made to the club in his span of nine years were clouded by the opinion of the management that he is very arrogant. Moreover, he also felt the desperation of Real Madrid management looking for a replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo since he failed to fire up in the last season from the start though he won the Balon D’or in December for the fifth time, matching Lionel Messi’s record.

All these instances might have triggered the idea of leaving Real Madrid and a potential move to Juventus is also linked with this. The reason why Ronaldo might up end in Juventus is because of his agent Jorge Mendes, who, has a very close connection to the owners of the Juventus football club so that might accelerate things in Turin.

From the club management’s end, Perez said that they will only accept Ronaldo’s transfer request once he publicly announces the reasons for him leaving the club. Earlier, Ronaldo’s buy-out clause has also been reduced at the player’s request when he first expressed his views of looking for a potential move to another club.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been dropping hints of leaving Real Madrid since 2016 UEFA Champions League Final.

Whether he leaves or not still remain a question but it’s likely that he might stay in Real Madrid.

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