FIFA World Cup 2018: Short Glimpse At France vs Uruguay

Updated on: Jul 4, 2018 8:26 pm IST

France vs Uruguay

To get a better understanding of how these teams have come along. How they have performed and what can be expected from them in these upcoming ties we will take a glimpse at them. In the first game of the quarterfinal, we have France vs Uruguay.

This is our attempt at recapping the teams, their strengths and their weakness. Let’s take a look at both the teams individually.

France vs Uruguay:


  • France

The French started off the tournament with a difficult game with Australia. A penalty was awarded to the team which was duly converted by Antoine Griezmann. They did give a penalty of their own to their opponents and had to do it all over again to win the game by a narrow 2-1 margin.


Photo Courtesy: AFP


The second game against Peru wasn’t the most enjoyable game to watch, but still, the team won the game.

A changed team met Denmark in the third game, which saw the only goalless draw in the tournament.

However, the team showed how potent they can be, and they know when to turn it up against Argentina.

Kylian Mbappe was the star of the game, and his counter-attacking ability was sensational, and the pace at which France attacked was joyous to see. It seemed that the team had finally broken free from their warm-up mode and is finally getting to what is expected from them.

Strengths: Dynamic attackers, Creative midfielders

Weaknesses: Susceptible to counter-attacks, Lapses of concentration


  • Uruguay

The South American side has been one of the better teams in the tournament. They have improved with every single game they have played, and this is a testament of a team that has the credentials of becoming a champion.


Photo Courtesy: The Independent


They had forgetful wins in the first two games against Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but the team showed their class against the hosts Russia.

The feat was even more incredible knowing that their opponents had blasted past the other two teams Uruguay had scrapped by.

It showed that Uruguay has now become capable of changing their gear if the occasion demands that of them and it’s an important feature to have.

The team showed even more improvement when they won against Portugal in the Round of 16.

Both their strikers, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, have gelled extremely well this time out and have scored two goals each.

Now is the time for this side to take their game to the maximum, as the opponents they are facing aren’t going to be easy.

Strengths: Attacking firepower, Gritty defence

Weaknesses: Questionable midfield, No width in the formation

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