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August 23, 2018
| On 10 months ago

Javier Ceppi thinks India is Ideal to host Youth Women World Cup 2020

By Rajsi Swaroop

The former CEO of FIFA Under-17 World Cup, Javier Ceppi has recently expressed his thoughts about the-would-be-hosts of the Youth Women World Cup in 2020. He tweeted to suggest that India is ideal to host the Youth Women’s World cup in 2020. India has successfully hosted the FIFA Under-17 World Cup, and Javier was in charge at that time. He made his remarks on India’s hosting through the social media platform and got cheers from all over the nation.

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On his social media handle, Javier went ahead and talked about the bidding process of the scheduled tournaments in 2020, and expressed his thoughts about how India could be a better place for the event. He thinks it would help to develop the infrastructure of women football in India and have a substantial social impact on a priority topic such as Women Empowerment.

The words of Javier Ceppi seemed to be the reality of India as we have seen the revolution after hosting the FIFA Under-17 World cup though India barely scored a goal but qualifying in the World Cup is a big achievement in itself. It gave a much-needed exposure to the football teams which helped India to produce the talent like Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem and turned the cricket loving country into a football following nation.

After getting the hosting rights of the FIFA Under-17 World cup, All India Football Federation (AIFF) tried to bid for the Under-20 World cup, but they lost to Poland.

All India can do, is to create the suitable atmosphere for the Women’s Football Team by providing the proper infrastructure, training facilities, diet and train them in Spain for the upcoming event then India can assure the hosting of the game in 2020.

FIFA Under-17 has been a revolutionary step for Indian Football, but as a nation, we need another step to be taken soon.

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