Transfer Rumours: Gareth Bale doubtful about his fate with Real Madrid

Updated on: May 30, 2018 4:31 pm IST

The transfer window is open, and the Transfer Talks have started making rounds.

The windmill of uncertainty over his future has again put the clubs on alert. Bale is the club record signing of Real Madrid and he still remains a hot property.

Manchester United have always been interested in Gareth Bale. It does not come as surprise, given the Welsh superstar’s pedigree in the Premier League. Gareth Bale started out as an LB at Southampton and he went on to become one of the best wingers in the Premier League before being moved to the free role under Andres Villas-Boas.

Gareth Bale’s heroics in the Champions League finals:

Manchester United should have also been encouraged by his performance in the Champions League final where Bale scored an absolute blinder in Kiev, possibly the best goal ever in a Champions League final. Even Zidane was left speechless. It was Bale’s 4th Champions League title in 5 years.

The fact that he admitted that he will sit down with his agent to discuss his future with the Madrid Bosses would also be an encouraging factor for them.

Madrid’s unsung hero could be an asset to Manchester:

Now why should Manchester United prefer someone who can’t even make the playing XI at Madrid. The answer is simple: Bale still has it and Manchester are in dire need of a player who can play on the right.

Bale has had a career graph halted by injuries and a managerial change. These things didn’t work in his favour.

During his stint at Real Madrid, Bale has performed consistently. Even in the Champions League final when he came on after the 60th minute mark, he made an instant impact. Bale has scored in a Copa Del Rey final and 2 Champions League finals to go with his impeccable partnership with the famous trio: The BBC.

But Bale could never rise to the heights that his performances at Spurs suggested he could. Mostly overshadowed by Cristiano, he never could become the main man. Now at United, he could lead the team along with Alexis and Pogba and be the central figure around whom the team is built.

Jose Mourinho can bring out the best from him:

What also didn’t help Bale at Madrid was the style of play adopted by Madrid under Zinedine Zidane. While Ancelotti believed in an expressive style of football; playing the best players and letting them play to the best of their abilities, Zidane was more flank centric with his play and wanted more natural wide players in his time. That’s why we see the emergence of players like Lucas Vazquez and Marco Asensio who have often been preferred to Gareth.

At United, there is a dire need of an attacking impetus and Bale could prove to be instrumental there. What Jose Mourinho has masterfully done over the years is to get the best out of players who could single-handedly win games for the team. Bale fits into that description perfectly. Bale also brings in some much-needed experience of the Premier League and by virtue of him being a defender in the past and having the defensive intelligence he should go right into Jose Mourinho’s team.

Whatever the result of this transfer saga, everyone will be following this rumour mill pretty closely as it promises to be an exciting one.

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