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Best Money Earning Games in India


Money Earning Games: Playing games on your mobile phones and PCs is one of the most fun ways to relax. With the advancement in technology, a lot of games are available for users to enjoy. These games are available in all niches, from battle royale to card games and simple household games such as Ludo to even quizzes to sharpen your General Knowledge.

Money Earning Games

The fun of playing these games increases further if you are winning cash while playing these. Yes, several games in India offer real money just for competing in them. The money-earning games in India offer a safe environment and guarantee a hassle-free withdrawal of your winning amount. Let us look at some of the best games that can help you increase your bank balance.

Ludo Ninja

Ludo is traditionally one of the most popular games in Indian households. The game excites and enthralls at the same time, providing an adrenaline rush to the players. However, just when you thought the game could not be any more interesting, Ludo Ninja has captivated the market with a slight tweak. In Ludo Ninja, a player has to finish the game within 24 turns. Whichever player is leading after the decided number of turns is declared the winner. The winner is determined on a point system. The unique algorithm of Ludo Ninja ensures that you are competing with a real player. You can withdraw the winning price instantly after the win.

Step Set Go

Step Set Go has to be one of the unique apps on offers for Fitness Enthusiasts. The app converts your workout into a challenge and pays you money which can be redeemed through in-app offers for every step that you take. The app is available on the play store.


The craze of card games such as Rummy has exponentially increased in India. Ace2Three is one of the leaders providing a complete virtual experience to all Rummy Lovers amongst a wide array of exciting games. The game offers a safe atmosphere for the players and provides a seamless experience. Players can withdraw their money without any complications. Ace2Three also offers several competitions on a weekly and monthly basis to further engage its users.

Top 5 Indian Card Games to Earn Money Playing Games Online


Loco revolutionalized the Indian market upon its launch. The interactive quizzing game allowed you to win cash while flaunting your general knowledge. The game has added several more features over the years. Loco is also preferred by the fans of esports who can live stream their games or watch the live streams of other players to win the cash.

MPL Games

MPL App is the undisputed leader in the market of mobile gaming. One of the largest gaming apps in the World, MPL offers you more than 50 games inside the app where you can earn cash. These games range from Fruit Ninja to Cricket Games. The app also organizes several tournaments where the winner can make a significant amount of money. Mobile Premier League has also strengthened its grasp on the World of Fantasy Sports, and players can even compete in fantasy leagues in MPL. The game can directly be download from the official website of MPL.


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