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How to Play Rummy? Rules, Best App, Play FREE Online and Win Real Money


How to Play Rummy? It is a matching card game with its gameplay centered on matching cards of the same rank, sequence, and suit. In any variation of rummy, the main purpose is to create melds, which can be sets (three or four of a kind of the same rank) or runs (three or more sequential cards of the same suit).

How to Play Rummy?

Rummy Game

Rummy is a popular card game played by a minimum of two and a maximum of six people. Two decks of cards are used in this game, each with two Jokers. A player must make a proper declaration while picking and discarding cards from the provided two piles to win the rummy game. The first pile is a closed deck, in which a player cannot see the card he is picking, while the second pile is an open deck that is made up of the cards discarded by the participants.

Online Rummy

Far from the prevailing myth, rummy is not a luck-based game but skills are supreme for this game. Hence, the highest court of the land – the Supreme Court, has declared it legal to play online. Online rummy is also quite convenient. You can play anytime, anywhere, and literally with people all around the globe to win real money with your skills.

Rummy Rules

In a rummy card game, each suit’s cards are ranked from low to high. It starts with Ace and then moves serially from two to ten. Jack, Queen, and King follow 10 in the mentioned order. Each of the aces, jacks, queens, and kings has ten points. The value of the remaining cards is the same as their face value. Players must combine cards into valid sequences and sets in order to secure a win.

Rummy App

A simple search on the Google Play Store would yield apps aplenty apropos rummy. Some of the top apps that you would note here would be Junglee Rummy, Indian Rummy, and RummyCircle, etc. A smart pre-download way to pick one for download would be to check on the ratings, reviews, number of downloads, and space required to install on your mobile. Later on, if you are not happy with the one you have installed or got bored then you can always try another. You are actually spoiled for choices.

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