10 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a gaming laptop

Updated on: May 23, 2023 11:58 am IST

You would like to add features like powerful chipsets, advanced graphics, and a sleek chassis to your next gaming laptop. This article will tell you about the top 10 things in a brief manner in order to make you knowledgeable enough to identify a suitable gaming laptop for your requirements.

1. Processor

Demanding online games speak for robust class performance and speedy actions while in them. This is possible only if you buy a gaming laptop with a powerful processor.

For instance, AMD Ryzen 9 6980 HX consumes little power (45 watts) and has 12-core AMD Radeon 600M graphics with a clock speed of 5 GHz.

2. Storage

A combination of SSD and HDD memory offers you extreme performance, vast storage capacity, smooth performance, blazing-fast loading times, and fast transfer speeds.

3. Internal Memory

Random Access Memory lets you leverage many functionalities at a time. It means that the more internal memory you have in your laptop, the more free space you have in your hands to do many things. A gaming laptop that has at least 16 GB or more RAM is recommended.

4. Graphics

Discrete graphics solutions are more sought-after than integrated graphics solutions. It is because a gaming laptop has the memory and functionality to run many battle-related games in a compatible way.

AMD Ryzen 6000 series integrated graphics with GDDR5 memory and AMD Radeon 600M integrated graphics sound awesome.

5. Display

A 15-inch display with HD resolution is a popular choice for many gamers, but nowadays 17-inch displays offer a more immersive gaming experience.

Choose a display for your gaming laptop that has at least a 120 Hz refresh rate and 4K resolution with OLED-built architecture.

6. Battery Life

A trend towards high-performance gaming laptops is going on nowadays. It has a quality-based chipset architecture that delivers comprehensive performance while consuming a minimalistic battery amount. For instance, AMD’s Ryzen 6000 Series.

7. Design

The portability of a gaming laptop demands a thin architecture, and this can be possible if you consider a 6nm standard and discrete GPU. Examples of such laptops are ASUS’ ZenBook S13 OLED and AMD’s Ryzen 9 6800U, which have a 14.9mm thickness.

8. Security

A gaming laptop must have security credentials and standards in its operating system. For instance, the AMD Ryzen 6000 series has the first x86 processor with a full stack of Windows 11’s safety features.

9. Connectivity

Numerous super-fast ports and slots play a crucial role in boosting the performance of your gaming laptop. It should have at least four USB 4.0 and PCLE ports and slots and wireless connectivity components, including WiFi 6 and Bluetooth LE 5.2.

10. Keyboard

A compatible keyboard for extensive gaming has many features, such as

  • A good key to travel
  • Properties like blazing-fast actuation, anti-ghosting, n-key rollover, and RGB lightning.


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