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Dinosaur Game: How to play online & offline and Various Hack


Dinosaur Game: The 21st era has been the era of technology. Ever since the industrial revolution, every sector has achieved impetus due to the modernization of technical gadgets. It led to improved efficiencies and higher demands. Better lifestyles became a priority and luxury items were soon replaced by being a necessity for comfort. Of the various sectors that have become widely popular, some include graphic designing, IoT, Gaming, and, Social media. 

Since the last decade, the craze for games has been immense. Several online games have become popular among children as well as adults. However, apart from online gaming, there is a really fun game that could be played offline. When the net gets slow enough that browsing becomes impossible, the Dino game could be your go-to tool to pass time on mobile. Discussed below is the info on the game, its modes and hacks 

What Is The Chrome Dinosaur Game?

Intended for the Google Chrome browser, the Dinosaur game is a built-in browser game, with the only character being a T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex). The T-Rex is in a pixelated representation. It was first programmed in 2014 by Sebastien Gabriel. After a couple of attempts it became a commercial success in December 2014. 

On the Windows PC, the game could be accessed by hitting the spacebar when Google Chrome is devoid of any internet access. The development of the game was first started with the name, “Project Bolan”


In the initial phases, it was revealed by the creators that the game has acclaimed great fame with over 270 million games played per month. 

How To Play The Offline Dinosaur Game?

The method to play the google chrome dinosaur game is quite easy. To play the game offline, here are the steps as listed below. 

  1. Make sure the internet has been switched off. You might see the dinosaur next to the error button.
  2. If the dinosaur does not appear when you open your chrome browser, try loading a page. You will see the pixelated dinosaur appear on your screen.
  3. Play the game by pressing the spacebar. Jump, crouch, and continue as long as you can while the scoreboard records your performance in points.

In case you do not wish to switch off your network, here are some ways to play the dino game online. 

1.Visit the Dino URL

By typing and searching for chrome://dino/ you will be directed to the dinosaur character with the no internet connection message beside it. Upon hitting the spacebar, you could begin the game. It is the easiest way for being online and yet playing the dino game. Use this option while waiting for a meeting or when wanting to pass time. 

2.Use the Chrome Dev Tools

The Chrome Dev Tools are web authoring and debugging tools that are built-in the browser. It could be used to debug, profile and, iterate your site. These tools could help switch only your internet off your chrome browser. Hence, the offline option then enables you to play the game. To do so, here are the steps you need to follow. 

  • To access the dino game while being online, open the DevTools dialog box. It could be accessed by pressing the F12 key.
  • Hit the “Network” at the top right hand side.
  • Here look for an online/offline tab in the second row.
  • Change it to offline mode from online mode.

And you will now be able to play the game on your browser without switching the internet off. 

Procedure To Play The Google Dinosaur Game

To play the google chrome dino game, simply press the space tab to start the game. The T-Rex character will start running. You will come across two modes in the game, the day mode and the night mode. Obstacles are usually cacti and birds, however if creators wish, it changes to theme-based obstacles. For instance, they changed to a torch during the Tokyo olympics. 

  • The longer you survive, the faster the obstacles arrive and dino gains speed.
  • Press the up key to jump and down key to duck.

If you crash into an obstacle, the game is over and your score will reset for the next game. 

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Google Dinosaur Game Hacks

There are several chrome dino game hacks that could be useful for tweaking the game in  your way. To tweak the game as per your wish, perform the following steps. 

  • When you are on the no internet page, right click anywhere and select the Inspect option.
  • Open the chrome console and you will see a blank space.
  • Here you need to enter the right commands that could tweak the game as per your choice.

Some commands are as listed below. After every command you must press enter. Remember that all commands are case-sensitive. 


  • Tweak Speed – Runner. instance_setSpeed(1000)


Replace the number ‘1000’ with any number. 


  • Immortality – var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver


Here we stored the original ‘game over’ function in a variable function. 


Now type Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){} 


Now we make the game over function empty. 


  • Setting The Current ScoreRunner.instance_.distanceRan = 12345 / Runner.instance_.distanceMeter.config.COEFFICIENT


This hack could be used to surprise your friend as you can set any score less than 99999. Replace the value in place of ‘12345’ 


  • Adjust Dino’s jump height – Runner.instance.tRex.setJumpVelocity(10)

Dino jumps too high or low? Adjust the height by replacing the ‘10’ value. 


The chrome dinosaur game has even now been a great success. Whether anxious for an interview or looking for ways to kill time, the dino game is a great tool for the same. The popularity of the game has yet not faded. Even as new games reduce the gametime of the dino game, yet the one game that has been an asset in no internet access durations is the google chrome dino game. So the next time you find yourself stuck somewhere and bored, get on the Chrome browser. Go Run and Jump Dino! 

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