How to Download Mobile Bus Simulator on PC

Updated on: Oct 25, 2022 5:01 pm IST

  • Download Mobile Bus Simulator

    Download Mobile Bus Simulator: Transport passengers from one city to another city terminal through unique places and landscapes. Follow traffic rules, transport passengers, toilet for children, and don’t be afraid to travel distant because you will earn more money. However, Indian Bus Simulator is an open-world game that focuses on the route connecting the South Indian cities of Bangalore and Chennai. However, the game features buses from State-run transport organizations of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In the game, the design of the bus inspired by the real-time vehicles which are currently running on roads. Moreover, the buses are designed based on state and private services. You can change the seat upholstery, decals, wheels, engine variants, and transmission types. However, the buses also come in min, multi-axle, and single form factors. One of the best games on mobile.

    Download Mobile Bus Simulator

    You play has a driver – who begins the career without any money. You need to earn money by playing driver-for-hire jobs. However, the more money you earn and save, the quicker you will be able to start your own transport company. In this game, you can rent buses from your fleet and build your fleet. That’s how you can grow your transport empire.  Moreover, buses are customized to add more features for passengers. Features like air-conditioners, blanket, pillow, charging point, personal TV, movies, snacks, GPS location tracking etc.

    1. Realistic Maps
    2. Detailed Buses (super high decker, double-decker, and more to come.)
    3. Bus STROBE Lights
    4. Realistic Bus driving experience
    5. Bus customization with varieties of liveries, horns,, bumpers.
    6. to choose from.
    7. Open/Close door button
    8. Animated people entering/exiting the bus
    9. Weather conditions (sunny and rain full of thunder) and day night cycle
    10. Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilt controls
    11. Various camera angles (cabin cam, outer cam, free moving cam)
    12. Detailed bus interiors
    13. Intelligent AI and Traffic System
    14. Achievements and Leaderboards
    15. Challenge your friends with online rankings

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