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| On Mar 15, 2022 7:35 PM IST

Ludo King MOD APK for March 2022


Ludo King MOD APK: We remember olden days when all friends and family members sit together and play. All gossip and fun mean a lot. Now everything changed and processed into digital. The games like LUDO, cricket, and tennis ball, all the indoor and outdoor games played on mobile. Let’s come to the point of Ludo King, a well-noted game to all users for decades. During the Mughal emperor, they suppose to play this game as a war strategy. Now we are playing for time pass and fun. Now, the game  modified and updated in gameplay. Additional features added, and the game is available for free.


Ludo King is played by South East Asians across the globe. The fact that it recently crossed the much-coveted 500 million downloads globally points to its ever surging popularity. Globally, it ranks among the top games downloaded from the Android Market in 2020. However, the game is simplified, and the rules are simple. You need to control a team of four pieces through four same colors. Moreover, when your turn comes, roll the dice and move your piece forward. The number of points on the excellent sides shows the number of steps you take forward.

LUDO KING MOD APK: Controls and Modes

The game controls are easy to use and players can win easily with it. UI interface is good and straightforward. You can use your cheats and tricks to win the game. It allows you to set the number you would like to get in the next dice throw. Players can participate in different modes. They can play against the computer (AI), friends, and online. Moreover, the matchmaking with computer (AI)  is easy because the opponent is pre-programmed with a low level. The computer match mode is offline. However, while playing with other players online is completely different, which is said to be Online Multiplayer mode.

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