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| On Jul 22, 2021 6:33 PM IST

New PUBG Mobile Lite Hack BC


PUBG Mobile Lite Hack BC: PUBG Mobile Lite has taken the internet with a storm in the past years. The game’s popularity is due to the desperation of gamers, who were waiting to play the game for ages. The game’s parent game, being PUBG, also brought up its attention in front of many famous influencers, from gamers to celebrities. This very reason has brought a lot of accelerated growth and popularity for the game. For the gamers who didn’t play the magnificent PUBG Mobile, it was a clear choice of alteration for their human desires.

The game’s main currency is BC or Battle Coins. Battle Coins are used to buy and earn exclusive rewards like cool gun skins, outfits, vehicle skins, and emotes. Fortunately, you can also use BC to buy the Royale Pass of the game. The Royale Pass is the most valued event in the game. You can complete tasks and earn RP. After you have completed some missions, you will automatically receive rewards for participation. You also gain exclusive gifts for reaching a checkpoint. With this in mind, we will now take a peek at the various methods of hacking your way through the game and earning unlimited BC.

PUBG Mobile Lite Hack BC

Here are some of the best ways of earning free unlimited Battle Coins using hacks, redeem codes, and online generators.


PUBGLiteHackTool is one of the best online official generators available online. It has many great features like a live feed. It also allows users to choose the amount of BC they want to withdraw.

Hacks/Glitches Via Tools

Due to the constant updates of PUBG Mobile Lite, it is nearly impossible to hack the game without getting detected; hence, let’s look at PUBG Lite BC Hack APK. This APK version is a tool/app-based hack that you can use to manipulate the game schematics and earn free battle coins. 

  • First, download the virtual and injector apps for PUBG Lite Hack.
  • Later, download the PUBG Lite app.
  • Open the virtual app and add both PUBG Lite and the injector to it.
  • Open the injector and PUBG Lite apps.
  • Voilà! You can now play with PUBG Mobile Lite BC hack v.0.18.1.

Besides allowing you to earn unlimited BC, it enthrals you with unique features, such as infinite health and ammunition, during gameplay.

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