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| On Jul 26, 2021 11:21 AM IST

Ludo Cash Games To Play: Check Winning Tips


Ludo is a board game played using single dice and several pieces on a Ludo board. From Mongolia to India and other various countries, ludo is played to relax and refresh. It is a cool way to enjoy spending time with friends and family. In the modern era, ludo can not only be played in its regular avatar but also online on mobile with players worldwide.

Ludo is the most popular board game in India, and thousands of players play the game regularly. Ludo can be played between 2 or more 4 players (maximum 4). The players have to roll their dices, score points and move their pieces; the first player who has moved all his pieces to the safe-square wins. The game is pretty simple and fun to play. However, we would provide you with some rules that one must follow to play ludo properly.

Ludo Cash Games to Play

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Tips and Key Points to Play Ludo

  • First, memorize the dice rules: Six can open pieces and allows the player another throw; the rest of the numbers can be used to move the pieces around.
  • Always try to knock out your opponent’s pieces and send them packing to their respective home bases.
  • Quickly move your pieces through the map straight to the safe base.
  • Always make a stop on safe squares and guard the surrounding spaces.

Besides playing ludo with friends, you can earn real cash by playing the game online and winning. Yes, thanks to the advancement in technology and the brilliant ideas of innovators, there are new features that allow players to bet real money when playing ludo online.