Paisa Kamane Wala Ludo Game: Top 3 Apps to Download in February 2023.

Updated on: Feb 14, 2023 8:11 pm IST

Ludo is an ancient game, and its name is recalled in ancient cultures as a mode of entertainment used by Maharajas in South Asian countries. After digitalization is overlapping our world, Ludo becomes a new version of making real cash. But how?

Now, Ludo is present in its online version in order to download your convenience on your smartphone. After paying a small entry fee, it is entered in its tournaments, where you can win huge money.

Online platforms for Ludo are numerous, and figuring out the right one is difficult and time-consuming. We made your work simple by analyzing every one of them, using its features and facilities for users. So we begin with the top 3 online real-money-earning Ludo apps in February 2023.

Top 3 Ludo Game Apps to Download in February 2023

Here are the top three Ludo game apps to download in February 2023 to start earning real money and adding it to your wallet. 

1. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire is a premier place to enjoy Ludo games online. It lets you participate by paying a small fee or by being free to join in a minor tournament. Due to the presence of multiple features, Ludo Empire is always in high demand. Some of them are

  • Daily Tournaments
  • Several payout options exist bank, wallet, and UPI.
  • Play with real money.
  • Instant payouts.
  • Playing features like classic mode and quick mode.

2. Super Ludo by Gamezy

If you have a mind to try to make your Ludo skills at a high level, Super Ludo is a perfect gaming app offered by Gamezy. It gives you an opportunity to compete with the world’s players and your friends or family members. Besides, it has more to talk about.

  • Rewarded referral and earn program.
  • Regular Ludo tournaments
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 25.
  • 1 crore plus trusted users.
  • Play classic and 2-dice Ludo.
  • Immediate withdrawal of winnings

3. Ludo Supreme Gold by Zupee

Ludo is a strategic board game in which players need quick thinking and critical abilities to understand their rivals. In addition, engaging user interfaces and comprehensive sets of facilities are required to elevate the level of their engagement, like a sound system and options to play against players or a computer. 

These facilities you can get easily in a Ludo Supreme Gold, a trusted Ludo online game app launched by Zupee. Here are the reasons why it is popular among Ludo enthusiasts. 

  • Bank and UPI withdrawal options
  • reward referral program.
  • RNG-certified dice
  • 10-minute format of gameplay
  • Feature of an instant cash withdrawal

Tricks to Play Ludo Game and Earn Real Cash

  • Keep in mind that one tile moved is equal to one point, and you gather more scores as you move your pawns from their homes.
  • Move your pawns to reach their home the first, second, third, and so on to collect your score 2x, 3x, and more.
  • Avoid missing your turns to move pawns or consuming too much time to move them forward.
  • Kill as many pawns of your opposite competitors as possible in order to gain high scores and stay ahead of them.
  • Try to set your pawns in shielded places to prevent them from being killed.
  • Deter forfeit conditions like disconnecting or leaving the game when it is on. 




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