Play Chess and Earn Money: All that you need to know

Updated on: Feb 15, 2023 12:48 am IST

Chess has been one of the most popular games since time immemorial. It has been played for 1500 years in South Asian countries, especially India and Nepal. 

With the help of digitalization, this game has been digitalized globally, and now there are millions of people playing this game against a computer or a friend online in clubs, at home, and in tournaments. 

This strategic board game is being played with two players, and the winner gets prize money after a mutual struggle between them. In its online mode, there are some changes that become prevalent, such as the restriction of time, which enhances the enjoyment of this game exponentially. 

Are you excited to learn about a chess game and how you can win real cash? Scroll down below to learn more about the chess online game.

Excited to learn about a chess game and how can win real cash? Scroll down below to acknowledge more about the chess online game. 

Chess GamePlay

  • Users who would like to play a game of online chess have to download an online chess app.
  • Once downloaded, they should install the app on their smartphones or desktops.
  • After installing, click on the app, open it, tap on “Start,” and choose a battle or tournament by paying the entry fee you want to pay.
  • Select either 1 vs. 1 mode for battles with your friends or familiar ones or against a machine for tournaments.
  • Chess has a total of 32 pieces, with each side having 16 pieces and 6 different types of chess pieces.
  • You should strategically move your pieces to give checkmate to your competitor by trapping the opponent’s king. Remember, each player has three minutes and two seconds of bonus time to do their turns.

Chess Game Rules 

Chess game rules are similar to traditional chess rules; the only difference is the speed at which gameplay must be completed. Players take alternate turns to move one piece at a time, always starting from the white side. The rest works in accordance with the respective movement of pieces. 

King or Raja

The most significant chess piece in the game. It moves only one step in any of the directions, up, down, left, and right.

Queen (Rani)

Queen is the robust stronghold of a chess game. It travels a number of steps in all directions.

Rook (Hathi)

It can stride in a straight line, both vertically and horizontally. Together, both rooks become very powerful.

Bishop (Oont)

Bishops move only diagonally in square boxes, but only in their matchable color boxes.

Knight or Ghora

It is a unique piece in chess because the knight can jump over any other piece. It runs L-type steps, meaning two steps forward and one step either left or right.

Pawns or Pyada

Pawns are the smallest version of a piece in a chess game. It only travels one step straight and twice double steps, capturing the opponent’s piece diagonally only forward. 


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